Although women outnumber men on the planet, the female is yet in the minority. She has been in the minority since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, as chronicled in the book of Genesis. Sounds ironic, doesn’t it?

      Even when you look within the Churches, Temples, Synagogues, and Mosques; the women outnumber the men. Yet, when you look at the percentage of females to males, females are still in the minority.

      This phenomenon is overlooked in and outside of the places of worship because supposedly spiritual people are looking at this dichotomy with natural eyes rather than spiritual perception and discernment. How can there be a shortage of females when the Houses of Worship are full of women worshipping and crying out to their God?

      In my first published book, EVE WAS FRAMED, RESTORING THE PLUMBLINE OF TRUTH, I detail the cause and effect of the missing female and the tragedy we have suffered in times past and continue to suffer even until today. Read this eBook on www.SmashWords.com to be enlightened to the plight of the missing female and the devastation caused by her absence.

      There is a world of difference between a man and a woman. There is also a vast difference between a woman and a female. This mystery is overlooked and therefore not taught or preached by those who are mostly in charge; which would be the men. Whether this is covert and therefore malicious, or overt and hence done in ignorance; there is a concerted effort to keep this revelation a secret. So now you know why it might have been a struggle to get your hands on this book. Somebody or something does not want women to obtain this knowledge. I wonder who that could be.

      As long as this mystery stays hidden, things will continue to go on as usual; women take one step forward in politics, religion, society and two steps backwards in influence, spirituality, and the Kingdom of God. Our societies will continue to digress in all major categories: all the while, the kingdom of darkness will continue to rule and reign over this world system.

      As long as women are not told the real truth about the Garden of Eden fiasco, they will continue to take a subservient role to the man, although they outnumber them significantly. As long as they are told that Eve, and thereby they, were the blame for the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, they will submit to the role of being little or of no help in the warfare that began back in the beginning between mankind and the devil. Books like EVE WAS FRAMED, RESTORING THE PLUMBLINE OF TRUTH reveal who was really the culprit behind the whole thing, and it is not who you have been told it was. Read the book!

      Let us go to the Scriptures in Genesis 1: 26-28 using the Expanded Bible translation to help us discover the female.

Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image and likeness. And let them ·rule [T have dominion] over the fish in the sea and the birds in the ·sky [heavens], over the ·tame animals [beasts; livestock], over all the earth, and over all the small crawling animals on the earth.” 27 So God created [1:1] ·human beings [T man; C the Hebrew adam can mean human beings, humankind, person, man, or the proper name Adam] in his image [C reflecting God’s nature/character and representing him in the world]. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female. 28 God blessed them and said [L to them], “·Have many children and grow in number [T Be fruitful and multiply]. ·Fill […and fill] the earth and ·be its master [subdue it]. ·Rule [T Have dominion] over the fish in the sea and over the birds in the ·sky [heavens] and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”


      Notice the words us and our and them. These are plural terms, not singular. The us is the plural Godhead in One. Not God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as many ministers of the Gospel have purported. We have missed so much from the very beginning. The Plumb Line of Truth has been misaligned at the foundation! He created them male and female, in our image and likeness. Beloved, if the image and likeness is male and female, then that which they were created from has to be Male and Female. We are talking spirit here and not natural. This is the mystery of the Spirit; to be able to be separate and still be One!

      The term God is the Hebrew name Elohim, which means the plurality of Deity. In our context above, this plurality is Male and Female, Father and Mother, if you will. I will not go further in this revelation; but to say, purchase my other book in hardback, EL SHADDAI, THE MANY BREASTED ONE to discover your heavenly Mother scripturally. This is another mystery that has been hid and not taught or preached by jelly-back preachers who are afraid of the masses and want to maintain their tithe and offering base. But yours truly isn’t scared.

      It is evident then that the male gained its honor, authority, character, purpose, and position from God the Father, and the female was to achieve her honor, authority, character, purpose, and position from God the Mother. Make sense? I know this is new to most of you and will take some getting used to. Holy Spirit will help your infirmities.

      So you see that because the mystery of our Heavenly Mother has been concealed, consequently the women have not been able to have access to the wisdom that comes only from a Mother and daughter relationship. The woman does not know her true honor, authority, character, purpose, and position because she has not known her God given attributes within the female, that come only from El Shaddai, the Many Breasted, All Nourishing, All Sufficient One.

      And let them ·rule and have dominion, not let him rule and have dominion: them is the male AND female. The original intent of Elohim was for the male and female, which is the spiritual one of mankind, to rule and have dominion. Rule and dominion was not originally given to only the man or husband; that came later after the fall, as a curse. Wow, how have we gone so off plumb!

      Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. Abuse is abnormal use. Women have been abused because they have known their true purpose. They have not known their true purpose because they have not known their true name.

      Ladies, you became a woman when Adam named you, while he was still in a deep sleep after God performed a rib operation. Go back and read the second chapter of Genesis. God never woke Adam up from his deep sleep. And since Adam named you woman, it is he, not God now that has appropriated your honor, authority, character, purpose, and position. Therefore, he who names you has authority over you. So as long as you walk, work, live, and minister as a woman and not a female, you will never be able to be free of the subservient curse of the fall!

      God blessed them, not just him. God blessed the male and female, not the man and woman, nor the husband and wife. To walk under this blessing of Elohim you must walk in the correct name, and therefore; honor, authority, character, purpose, and position. Every woman must go back to Eden and reclaim her original spiritual birthright. This is your inheritance!

      After reading EVE WAS FRAMED, RESTORING THE PLUMB LINE OF TRUTH and EL SHADDAI, THE MANY BREASTED ONE, I know Holy Spirit will reveal to you who you really are as a female. There is much more to you than what has been preached and accepted in and out of the houses of worship. Do not settle for the status quo, burst through the glass ceiling placed above you by a man-centric world.

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