Explain to me from day one, what you did to become a Pastor after you acknowledged the Call of God!

ID like to hear from Pastors or People in My position ive always had the Lord within my heart and ive always acknowledged him, I just recently Joined a Church about three months and was Saved once again, I started the whole process over. I have a Strong desire to learn the Word of God and Hear other input that have been and are Pastors, The lord has been sending me alot of Reverends my way and It was placed on my Heart, So i know its meant to be, but now Im ready to get it Moving, so i am now starting to study the bible alot more! But i want to hear from you guys and Tell me your stories, All info is welcomed! All is Greatly Appreciated, May the Lord Be with you in Ministry and out of Ministry, God Bless you all and your Families!

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Once you receive the call of God in your heart,the next step is preparation time. YOu must seek the lord, stay in his word, praying, fasting, just laying before him, seeking his direction for your life. As you seek him he will order your steps, he will lead and guide you. It really is simple. Just be real with God, I believe the best thing is transparency. Stay true to God, tell him what you really desire him to do in your life. Persue him with your whole heart. Don't get caught up with religion, but a real relationship with the God of the bible. Stay in his word, that is the blueprint to everything in your life. Surround yourself with people who are strong in the lord, those indivduals that can encourage you and build you up in the lord as you grow. Thats what I did. Seeking that quiet time of fellowship with God, you will become a powerful annointed servant of the lord and many lives will be touched because of the sacrafice you made for him.
Minister Marilyn i Thank you truly for your input, Great words of wisdom, I know that im on the right track then, cause im doing this, You know how ya have your days, But it truly is easy, Each day i prosper. I allow the Lord to use me,


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