Psalm 116:1-19

What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits towards me?

Today's scripture text asks a profound questions that at some point all believers have asked and answered. In an attempt to answer the question that was raised by the writer of this Psalm, we must first look as God's expression of His love for mankind in providing salvation and this free gift is available to all who believe. This alone is worthy of never ending expressions of our thanks to God. God's salvation has spared all believers from eternal death; therefore, He is worthy of our surrendered love (v.1), devotions, praises, loyalty (v.2), righteous living by walking in His ways (v. 9), and total obedience to Him and all His commandments (v.14).

That being said, believers offers sacrifices of praises to God regardless of location and even if we have to stand alone praising God-just praise Him.

Believers express thanks to God in giving of our tithes, time and talent as these are gifts of blessing that He so graciously bestowed upon every believers. Believers are to use his or her gifts in God's kingdom building. Believers express thanks to God by being a good steward over what God has blessed us with. Believers express thanks to God with shouts of hallelujah to His holy name. Believers express thanks to God by making Him first in our lives. Believers express thanks to God by blessing others with what God has blessed us with. Thank You God.

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