Is it possible to believe God and not trust him?

scripture references or parables please.....Thank you

This was a major topic among the saints the other day in our setting and I just wanted you to share your knowledge if you don't mind, this was very interesting.

Thank you for your time.
Apostle Linda

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Trust is the manifestation or demonstration of faith. Itis the tangible form of faith. When Peter was in the boat with Christ, and the Lord exited the boat and began to walk on the water and bade Peter to step out too, and come to Him, by faith he stepped out and began to make his way to the Lord, but then his min and intellect took pre-eminence, ad in his reasoning an awareness of the natural aspects of the supernatural situation he found himself in the midst of, his TRUST in God failed him. He had no problem having FAITH,because Christ was right before him, visibly, and tangibly, stretching forth His hand, but he couldn't trust Him for what he coulddn't see, and that was the en results of him walking on water and defying the laws of nature. In the natural realm, a child may have faith in their Mother, but due to past circumstances, they may be reluctant to trust them. Faith is maximized hope, whereas with, trust, there's usually something at stake.
Thank you so much for a powerful response.

Apostle Linda
Thanks Man of true.

Apostle Linda
Brother Anthony,
I think that the "In Christ Factor" should be working all the time and if we who are dead (the old man) rise up that would also raise a few other questions that tells us where we are. If the old man is dead then he can't live again. However our soulish nature carries with it remnants (old wat of thinking, doubts, fears etc.) and residues of the marriage that she (your soul shall have her boast) shared with the old man. So when it speaks of women being quiet there was a spiritual principle that requires the soul to be transformed by her dwelling with the "New (hidden man of the heart) Man. But Faith is "Knowing" (substance) that there is a guarantee in the unknown. The promise of God is a sure thing already done in Christ. Eph. 1:3 tells us a powerful revelation of a no limit Christ that we are in......So what are His (Christ ) limits? So if we are in Himand dead 2 self, what are our limits because the old mans nature cant's be both alive and dead. Be encouraged.

Powerful response Amen, 

DEAR friend,
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     You can believe that Jesus is the son of God, that God is the father and believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.   Until you develop an intimate relationship with God you are unable to believe that God can do it for you.   

     You believe that your spouse is able to bring home a paycheck from their employer but you don't believe that they can successfully start and run their own business.  You don't believe that your wife can successfully go hunting or fishing and bring home dinner.  You believe and expect your wife to be able to cook dinner for you.   

You say that you are Prophets, Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, and Ministers, yet you err in understanding, regarding so simple a matter as this. Know you not that trusting is to believing as your fingers are to your hand? Your hand does not operate apart from your fingers, nor does your fingers work apart from your hand. if I believe God, how then is it that I do not trust him? If I believe that He loves me, how is it that I do not trust that love? How is it that I do not trust His presence, while believing that He will never forsake me or leave me, and that He is always present with me? To think that I can believe God without trusting Him is both vain and redundant. Such is the way of children, who know nothing of faith or trust. If you do not believe Him on any given point, then it is at that point that you do not trust Him, and if you do not trust Him at any given point, then it is at that point and for that instance that you do not believe Him. Let's not over think this. If you do not believe Him, you do not trust Him. The TRUE answer to the question is NO! It is not possible to believe God and not trust Him. No, not if He is the God and creator of the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ, the first born of us all who are called by His Name. To Him be Glory, honor, and power forever more.

Best regards, Pastor Melvin King


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