Many of you know already that the key to anything that God has given me has come out of hunger for Him and hunger for the anointing (because I want to receive and reflect all that He has for me so that I’m fully equipped to serve Him). Therefore, I can’t help but talk about the importance of having a hunger for God and for the things of God in almost every teaching I do. I hope you never get sick of hearing this message!

Now having said all that, how many of you are saying, “I want more of the anointing?” That’s good because we need the anointing and we need to trust and depend on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit for everything. We don’t want to do anything of our own self. So get a desperate hunger for God, His person and His presence because that’s the key to the power of God and the anointing. Hunger is a major building block, too!

Today, at times, when the Holy Spirit comes and visits me and speaks to me, it’s like a living person; the presence of a living person in the room, as I pray. He’s become very intimate. He’s become very close to me. We have an intimate bond together. Our friendship is priceless. In fact, friendship with God is another essential building block to walking in the anointing and the increase. But years ago, although I was baptized in the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, and moving in the gifts of the Spirit, I never knew the Holy Spirit as a personal friend. I never knew the presence of the Holy Spirit and He was never real to me like He is now.

But back then (and today) I was hungry and I was on a journey to know Him and the power of His resurrection; to be transformed or conformed into His image. “Jesus, I want to be more like you!” I had a passion in my heart for His presence and the power of God. I remember in the first couple of months that I was saved, I said, “God I want the kind of anointing that is on Benny Hinn’s life, and the kind of anointing for miracles that was on Kathryn Kuhlman’s ministry. I want the kind of anointing that was on the revivalists of old, those men and women who turned whole nations upside down.”

The Lord spoke to me specifically in the beginning and He said, “Todd I can give you any anointing that I have ever given to any man or woman or ministry if you can do what they did to get what they got.” So I started to study what they did to get what they got! I read “Good Morning Holy Spirit” (by Benny Hinn), listened to healing stories of Kathryn Kuhlman, and studied the lives of other great saints. Each saint was a friend of the Holy Spirit and what blew me away too, was that in each of their lives there was a thriving prayer life. Hey! Here are two more significant building-blocks—study and prayer.

Take Evan Roberts for instance. Before God used him to spark the Welsh Revival and turn a nation and literally hundreds of thousands of youth to Jesus, God touched him to pray. Look at this. Prior to that revival, prior to God using that great revivalist, the Holy Spirit began to visit him and wake him up at 1 a.m. The Spirit of grace and supplication and the Spirit of prayer would come upon him and he would pray until 4 or 5 a.m. Later he would get up about 9 in the morning and pray until 3 p.m. This went on for three months, eight hours a day—visitation in the night season—prior to God releasing that mighty revival.

Also as I studied the lives of other men and women that God anointed for ministry, I noticed that an anointing called increase was upon them. There was something of God’s power upon those men and women that I didn’t see upon a whole lot of men and women today, so I began to hunger for an increase. I wanted more of the anointing.

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