Hello Brothers and sisters in Christ. As it seems to me, more and more of those who represent God
are giving way to the seductions of the enemy. There are in a number of black churches many gay
members and gay pastors. Many within the congregation know it and still support it. My question
for all today is what is your feeling on gay pastors and preachers, should those congregants who
know still support them? Would you take a scriptual approach or a judge not that you not be
judged approach?

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The church at Corinth and their problems with one living in a moral sin comes quickly to mind. This is a prime example where it is the responsibility of the congregation (as a body) to stand up and render its collective judgment.

Correction or expulsion, that is the biblical choice.

The bible says to restore one in the spirit of meekness. In other words if someone really
loves God they will repent. So while they take a break from the pulpit and the local body
support in prayer and fasting. I think in most cases it will be alright if the individual truely

God wants everyone delivered.

In Christ
Pastor R. Phillips
"...The bible says to restore one in the spirit of meekness. In other words if someone really loves God they will repent. So while they take a break from the pulpit and the local body support in prayer and fasting. I think in most cases it will be alright if the individual truely repents...."

Restore them to what?
Back to the church or back to that pulpit?
If yes to the pulpit - how long should they be sat down?
What should those that watch be watching for?
Greetings newview,

There are a lot of things that come into play here.

First and foremost they must receive correction and that should come from their

The pastor in question should be accountable to someone.
Board members of the church in question should have their pastors info.

Restore them back to the church or back to that pulpit?

They should have never been kicked out the church. Its hard to be restored apart
from your family. Support is needed at this crucial time.

At some point restoration should be back to the pulpit.
His pastor the one who he/she looks up to should be able to have effective conselling
with them.

During this period they should not be preaching.

I cant answer how long he/she should sit. That should be determined by his pastor
and that churchs' board.

Only God knows if one has truely repented and should be restored.

There should be much prayer and fasting on the churches part for the pastor.
Everyone deserves a chance. We must keep in mind homosexuality is a sin
that can be delivered from like any other sin.

What should they be watching for?
Old habits and tendancies. Above all spiritual discernment.

I hope this helped some.

In Christ
Pastor R. Phillips
Why don't I see more posts such as these regarding leaders (heterosexuals) who commit adultery or fornication?
I'm not understanding the one-sidedness of these types of posts?
We judge, condemn and stone the homosexual but the fornicatin' (heterosexual) or adulterous (heterosexual) man is looked past. I've even heard jokes about the Tiger Woods scandal from a well-known church leader on The Word Network but if Tiger had been found with a man would it have been a chuckle then? Or would they have got the stones out?
I know of leaders who left their wives for other women in the church, committed adultery and had children out of wedlock that they did not care for and one man committed adultery and offered the woman $300 to have an abortion.
When are we going to preach against ALL sexual sin and not just the sexual sin that certain people personally don't like?
Hello, i thank you for responding to my post. Allow me to clarify this. I am against ALL SIN committed by
church leaders. I have spoken out many times against the smooth operators who have wives and girls
on the side, have had their share of sisters in their own congregation. Homosexuality is a sin. Fornication
is a sin. I condone none of it. I am against any one who defends these lifestyles. People like Elton John
who boldly proclaims he believes Jesus Christ is a gay man. Those who seek to bend the word of GOD
to fit their lifestyle. You seem to be quite passionate about this topic, is that a righteous anger over some
sin being leftout and not addressed, or did i strike a nerve? Regardless of the answer to that question
i hope i clarified my position. God bless you, Rev Lovell Block
First, let me explain something to you and the rest of the gay-bashin' committee. I am in no ways angry about your ignorance- I honestly feel sorry for you and those like you. Instead of loving and praying for these people you choose to judge them unfairly and condemn them. However, it does irk my nerves that the black church picks and chooses what sin they will preach against depending on how they feel. I do NOT condone the homosexual lifestyle. I am a young man who has been saved and set-free from this sin and I am so tired of the gay bashing that the church does against homosexuals. I would have died and went to hell if I believed what you and others had said about me and others like I was. I was even told recently that I was NOT saved because a homosexual can't be saved- and I was told this by someone claiming to be a man of God. I asked him to show me this in scripture but instead I was insulted and belittled as always.
It just amazes me how the black church will allow a fornicator to preach and sing in their churches, an adulterer to preach and sing in their pulpits, use the Word of God to defend their sin but if they even THINK a man may be homosexual they can quote every scripture against homosexuality and prepare their stones for throwing.
Where is God in that?
I am quite passionate about this topic because I know men and women who are going to die and not know the goodness of God because of church folk like you and others who belittle them and use the Word of God to spiritually kill them. I know of men and women who have killed themselves because of what church folk have done to them spiritually.
Where is God in that?
Is God pleased with that?
Can you show me scripture for the biased judgment and hypocrisy that is shown toward those dealing with homosexuality?
I doubt that you can unless you are going to do what another poster did and piece together some scriptures to prove the lie you want to make truth.
Where was this defense of the gospel when Jamal Harrison-Bryant was cheating on his wife and had a child out of wedlock that he wasn't taking care of ?
Where was this defense of the gospel when Zachery Tims was committing adultery taking care of his prostitute flying her in and out of Orlando, FL?
Where was this defense of the gospel when Tye Tribett was committing adultery against his wife with a member of the same choir that his wife sang in?
Where was this defense of the gospel when J. Moss was committing adultery and told the women that he would give her $300 to have an abortion?
Where was the defense of the gospel in these instances?
See, this is how I see it.
The church turns their head to the sin they choose and condemns others. The saddest part of all this is that they use the very Word of God to defend their deception and lies.
You either preach against ALL sin or you are a hypocrite and we all know what Jesus had to say about a hypocrite!!!
I stand in amazement and sadness at this unwarranted attack upon my character. I posed a question
and gave an opinion and asked for opinions. You have unfairly and viciously attacked me. I am not
the one these venomous hateful words should be directed at. I clearly told you i am against ALL
SINFUL BEHAVIOR BY CHURCH LEADERS. It is clear that for you to go off on a tangent and
call me names and give me example after example of adulterous activity done by these straight
people, and the anger you display tells me what the business really is. You are clearly someone
dealing with homosexuality and are a raw open nerve and are always ready to fight. You keep
saying wheres the defense, in order to need defense i would have to have condoned these actions
in the first place. Regretably, your anger will not let you see i never attacked you. No i do not
want a gay pastor, or one who is cheating on wife, ect,etc,etc. All of those things are not in
the will of GOD, nor should they be leading a congregation.I have spoken my peace and
only hope that GOD grants you some peace, Rev Lovell Block
How did I "unfairly and viciously" attack you?
Then you say I am speaking "venomous and hateful" words at you?
Where did you see all this negativity, I didn't.
When I speak against church folk who commit adultery will I then be accused of being an adulterer?
When I speak against church folk who drink will I then be accused of being a drunk?
When I speak against church folk who cuss will I then be accused of being someone who swears?
I guess whatever I speak against I then become, right lol?!
So, that comment you made about my "raw nerve" was not only immature but foolish.
It shows that I am the one that struck a nerve and you wanted to try to "hit below the belt" to get a reaction out of me and you did- LAUGHTER LOL!!!
I have more peace in my life NOW than I've ever had in all my years thanks to the saving power of the blood of Jesus- just in case you wanted to know that. I am FREE and walk in my deliverance and have no question that God has done a COMPLETE work in my life.
I'm what the church doesn't have many of today- a MAN.
I make no apologies for the boldness and strength that God has given me.
WOW! I guess you told me ! well i leave you in your manly glory and all this garbage
that you insist upon throwing back and forth. GOD said come let us reason together
that is clearly not what your intention is. So i bid you adieu. Take comfort in the fact
that you have put yet another hypocrite, etc, in his place. Well superman your work
here is done. Now it's onward and upward, more church folks to ''get told'' more
hypocrites to crush! Have a nice day.
We can reason together when the bias judgment ends and righteous judgment begins!!!
We all needs to Love one another like Jesus commanded us to do so.
I do understand both of you, but we still needs to reach out in love OK.


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