A great man of God died today in Louisiana. He was my pastor before becoming a pastor myself. He was 43 years old and died of diabetes, His Mom and sister died from this disease early. My question to the network is, Was this a generational curse because it taking out all of this particular family? Also he also taught healing and deliverance and I would hate to see the congregation err from the faith because of today. God bless and any help would greatly appreciated.

Hebrews 13:8

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Thank you for you response
This particular man loved God because he preached Jesus until his death.
This is a very import discussion. Many believers in Christ are being troubled by this idea of generational curses. It is the trick or wiles of the devil to seek to cheat us of the fullness of our inherittance in Christ and even accuse God wrongly. That's exactly what the idea of generational curses does to any one who accepts it.

A book that debunks the idea and exposes its falsehood is The Myth of the Generational Curse (Xulon Press, 2007) by G.A.N. James. The book examines closely the Scripture passages used by propagators of the idea of generational curses and show that these Scripture passages are misrepresented. It provides inspiring Scripture passages to establish us in the truth of God's blessings upon us in Christ.

Christians need to beware of these messengers of the devil seeking to despise the Cross and make the blood of Christ of no effect. Paul admonishes us in Colossians 2:8-10:
8: Don't let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ.
9: For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body.
10: So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority.

Often times these deceiful doctrines carry political and racial implications although subtly and not opnely. It is however easy to see if we accept that families are cursed then it is an easy shift to accept cursed tribes and races. On my blog, http://nomancancurse.blogspot.com I had to debunk the idea of the curse of Ham upon black people which they were using last year to predict that President Barack Obama would not have become president because he was of a cursed race. Well, reality proved them wrong and impressively and clearly wrong. So what can we conclude? They were false prophets of lies.
Bro. Melvin,

I do not agree with the above statements and here is why. Have you ever seen a family that were all acholics, or womanizers etc...To bring it even closer to home, I will use my own family concerning the spirit of diabetes and other sickness. It is something that has traveled from genereation to generation; in the bloodline. Once my family became saved they now entered into the bloodline of Christ which entitled them to the benefits of Christ. Meaning, they now have the power and authority to break any type of generational tranferrence or bondage. Now it is also there responsibility to make sure that they are doing everything in the physical as well such as eating correctly, exercising, monitoring their health as well as in the spiritual w/daily declarations of healing scriptures. Sometimes in ministry I have found that people dont know when to shut things down and concentrate on zoning in on their right, responsibilities, and authority of the word especially w/healing. We have a responsibilty to take care of our bodies. We can love the Lord all we want, but are we doing everything w/in reason to take care of our own needs of our body. They go together.
Just as I believe in generational curses, I also believe in generational blessings. This is why I believe in truly speaking over our children and declaring and pronouncing blessings over them.
I have NO clue what you are talking about????? Pass the same genes????
I think I may get what you are saying. Its not a genectic thing than can accept that. But I hear to proclaim this is a spiritual thing! Which is why we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood...this tells me its not genetics. Been in deliverance entirely too long to make me believe anything else!!! (familiar spirits...)
QUESTION: Where are the Prophets of the house? They are to stand guard for such attackes. The enemy will attack the very thing that you teach. You fucus on money teaching, he'll attck your finances or have people question your integrity; you're a healing minister, he'll attack your body or challenge your doctrine.

PERFECT EXAMPLE: JESUS is the life giver. How many times did HE have to go and raise the dead? Why? It wasn't just to kill people, but Satan wanted to challenge the very core of HIS message and mission in the people's minds.
It is true that through Christ Jesus, we can be cleansed of ALL unrighteousness. When it comes to generational curses, it's as simple as this.

If when you accept Jesus as your savior and you DON'T put in the work, nothing within you or around you changes. Yes, he paid it all, but we have a part to fulfill. We must pray, fast, study the word and witness as instructed. We must have a TRUE and OBEDIENT relationship.

Take "my" family for instance. Two curses. Cancer being one and molestation being the other. I'll use the molestation as an example.
I was molested as a child by a family member. So was my Mother, my Grandmother, My Great Grandmother...you see where I'm going? Same scenario...even the pedofiles were all "uncles" (in each generation). How is this NOT a curse.
Well, the curse was broken with ME.
I got saved. I took my burdens and those of my family to the altar of God and LEFT IT ALL THERE!
Prior to getting saved, because of pain, hurt and anger..I sinned..why? ...Because OF the curse. My resentment caused me to be angry and act out in an UnGodly manner!
Once I forgave my Uncle, and all those before me (SINCERELY), I was released from the bondage. I no longer dwelled on it nor blamed everything on that particular situation.
What I'm saying is: Accepting Christ is not enough to break the curses, you HAVE to have a RELATIONSHIP.

When we give our lives to the most high, everything isn't "fixed" within us RIGHT then. (We sin daily...). We confess and ask for forgiveness. As we grow in the word and our faith, we tend to be convicted within our own hearts of sins past and present (speaking from experience). I've found myself driving and the thought of sins I've committed ten years ago. I repent and pray right then (for those sins I had forgotten about). It's amazing how God's grace works.

Do generational curses exist? In my opinion, YES. Can they be broken? DEFINITELY. They can be broken through a RELATIONSHIP with God, not ONLY the acceptance as Christ as Lord and savior.
Bro Anthony,
I pretty much agree with Tarmeque as you see and have answered on the page before. Eventhough, we get saved and enter into the bloodline of Chirist, a true Christian cannot be possessed but oppressed yes. If not such a thing, why the ministry of deliverance? Eventhough you call that demon out, yes the person is still responsible for maintaining their deliverance. I have been trained in deliverance since a very young age. Spotting demons is generally not a problem, but a true gift. Bless God! One to be used to set the captives free, saved and the unsaved. In deliverance, I have seen true sincere Christians cry out to God for help. Upon deliverance-oh my goodness, you will see what spirits you have to deal with and call out. When it is over and you ask, so who in your family deals with witchcraft or ask about the strong lust demon, I promise you they can tell you who and on what side of the family this (whatever it is) is prominent every time.
Yes it is Bro. Moreh...still waiting for your response to my question on the subject.


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