Giving to the Man/Woman of God? Looking for scriptual based answers only. God Bless.

I feel compelled to ask some questions?  Why is it that people find
every way not to sow into the Man/Woman of God or give to the church
and switch the subject to talk about prosperity preacher to find a way
out of giving? Please show me in the Word only that we are not to pay
tithes, offering, or give to the Man/Women of God. Please do not give
ideologies of man, but The Word of God (scriptures) to fully support
your answer. If you answer the questions with no supporting scriptures,
I will comment by replying (Ideology or Man’s opinions).

People do not mind paying any other profession for what they do.  When
it comes to supporting someone who is bring forth the Word of God,
teaching or ministering to you, giving of their time in place of a
secular job, its OK for them to not receive anything?  I read on a
network earlier today that a Man/Women of God should work a secular
job, spend time with their family, and Pastor a church with no
financial  contribution from the members of the church. Why is it that
we think so little concerning the one bringing the Word of God for our
spiritual growth? Where does mindset come from?

The Body of Christ has thrown out the baby with the bath water under
the bus.  We have allowed things that we have seen in the church and
abuses to stop us from following
the Word of God.  There are biblical principals concerning giving. 
Also, do we stop giving because others have manipulated, deceive, and
used biblical principals for their own gain (God forbid)?  I also read
where someone said that the Man/Women of God should relieve their
blessing from God and not man...My question is doesn’t God use people
to Bless (ultimately knowing He is the one blessing? Do He going to
drop their financial blessing out the sky? Come on now really, How do
they receive the blessing?
We are talking about while they are here on earth, not when they get to heaven.
(I had to throw that in for the religious folks)

Please do not offer opinions, or your advise to answer the questions.
Also, please try to give 2(two) to (3)three scriptures to support your

Make sure you are respectful  when giving your answer.  God Bless.


Finally, as a bonus question can someone tell me several examples on how God blessed people in times of famine?

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No one is coming against you. God Bless.
Bro. Isreal: I will take it that I was included in the 2 against you, because I said I know that's right Surrender It to the GREAT I AM. I was giving the sister kudos for not engaging into anything other than What God Would Do and how it blessed me that the two of you showed spiritual discipline. FORGIVE ME if I offended you in any kind of way. I love this sight, it makes me study God's Word even more. YOU have sparked some real study out of me I have posted to one of your discussions, you haven't gotten back to me yet and you promised you would on the post. (smile) - so i'll wait.

I love the Lord and I love reading His Word. But I will tell you I will not go to other information to clarify the Word of God for myself and I am being honest. I study the King James Version and if God don't give me revelation on a subject or topic, it is not meant for me at the time. Any hoot...let me get off this sisters discussion blog.

In Love, Sis. Denise
Why did you get annoyed with my post? Show me how I can be a better servant.. I got the knowledge... Maybe not the people skills.. What do you think?
humbling yourself Thanks and praises!!

this was the advice i was going to give you, with a friend request

but the Most High revealed it to you


Sister Denise..

I know your Zeal for the Lord... I hope that you learn to keep the commandments of God if you don't already... I humbly apologize if my comments were offensive.. My zeal for the Lord may have got ahead of me.. I am a Zealot, and am flesh.. Forgive me if I offended you or anyone.. That is not the correct representation of Jesus...


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