Just curious to know how some of you all knew what your God given assignment was? I believe we all do a good work for the Lord but there is something in particular that is your main assignment. How did it get revealed to you? What key things took place? How was confirmation given? How was that journey to discovery?


I ask this as I do not know my complete assignment. I have only been told that it is a unique assignment and that there is a special mantle upon me. Sounds general to me as we all are special and unique. Im at a lost. I am currently coming into the fullness of who I believe I am. Its a process. I have been seeking and will continue to do so but really would like to hear how others came into the knowing. Perhaps I am not opening my mind enough in a particular area.

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Let me see if I can be of some help. Both talents and gifts are used for the glory of God, They are used for ministry, to those in the church (to help members of the body of Christ) and for building up of the church (to extend the church’s witness and ministry into the world).
Only God can give us Spiritual gifts, and because they were given to us, they are not talents or abilities as we think when we say someone is a gifted athlete. Talents are usually something we learn how to do or are taught how to do. I can sew but it was not a Gift it was a talent God allows my grandmother to teach me how to sew. You must pray and search yourself trusting God to reveal and make clear your gifts. Many times you find out that your gift is usually that something that you do very well and love to do, you will also find out that God will not let you rest until you do it. Most of the time it’s that something that we feel we are not qualified to do, yet truly have passion for. You most know that He has selected you and have impregnate you with this special gift so now it time for you to give birth. Once you use your Gift it will bring people to Christ, strengthen them in there walk etc.
Thanks for your reply. Not to many people seem to be active on this site. I like reading other things that have already been posted thought. I will keep searching for my true assignment until I know it. It makes your purpose worth while knowing it and increases your faith. Please keep me in your prayers.


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