It could be a crutch or a shield ,cover, conviction or overkill. Whatever it is ,the bible seems to uncover the invalidity of this myth.

God created the sky before putting the birds in it, he created the water before having fish in it, he created the soil before putting plants in it and Man was put into Eden.

The word Eden means in translation the “Garden of God” or “Paradise in which God resides in”.

The truth of the matter was that before sin came to be, Adam was always in the presence of God. The presence of God was the environment that man was meant to thrive in. Not necessarily the garden or earth as the case maybe.

The climax would be that God did have fellowship with man, God walked in the garden and did speak with man on occasion, a condition that the present day “Born Again Christian” and seekers of the truth would do anything or give anything to be in.

However the shocker of a revelation comes in Genesis 2:18, In which God Almighty proclaims, “It is not good for man to be alone”.

The question of the century would be, was the presence of God not enough for man? God could have proclaimed mightily that, "my presence in your life will overcome all forms of loneliness and need that you will ever have in your lifetime". However God in his own words talked about man’s need for companionship even when he was there in the Garden.

The truth of the matter is that man is a physical being and is never in the spirit 24 hours a day ,7 days a week. So God created one that is to help man in his time of need and interact with his physical senses and desires. For God is spirit and can only be spiritually discerned.

Later on our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to pray the Lord’s prayer with a clause in it saying “Lord may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Now on earth companionship is shunned with the statement that, “All I need is Jesus”. In other words my Horizontal relationships can rot as long as my Vertical is OK. Worst of all people somehow believe they will take that isolationist behavior into heaven.

Let us get this right that nobody is taking any funny attitudes into Heaven. We have formed words to describe things that we feel is OK. The bible has other words for them, like Meanness(which is ok to us) is in the bible Ungodliness and that includes Rudeness, Anger, Unforgiveness, Uncompromised stances etc

 Woman have been hurt and in the spirit of Unforgiveness, have sworn that they will never interact with a man that way again (condemnation of the whole gender and the millions of people in it).Men also in their anger have strayed so far that they became Gay in the process and have been caught in today’s controversy of being Homosexual and the sick thought that the controversy makes them “special” in a way.

Please do not get me wrong, you cannot allow every Tom, Dick and Harry or Mary ,Sue or Sally into your life but we can make our decisions and communicate or decisions without Anger, Meanness or Rudeness as the foundation for our interaction with others. Human Beings interacting with each other(especially with regards to the opposite sex) should not be a Cunning, Tense, Tricky and potentially Dangerous experience. This is the work of the devil.

So the question will be what is my point? My point is that like I have observed here in the USA ,there is a movement arising that tries to prove that the new standards of holiness is remaining perpetually single. My answer to that is God himself said it is not good.

Interaction with other people is a test that Satan has helped man to avoid. The easiest way to avoid that test is to heap blame on the actions of the other party constantly and use experience as an excuse for isolationist behavior.The biggest question will be,"What have you contributed to a relationship that went sour"? Is your reasons for the Isolation entirely the other person's fault(If you will be honest to yourself)

Finally I will say that women were created to help mold man into God’s image and that this is the most painful process that any man will ever undergo.Men were created to mold women into God’s image. How else will we ever learn Perseverance, Patience, Longsuffering, Humbleness of mind and Meekness and all the other fruits of the spirit mentioned in the bible?

As men we will keep on failing the test until we realize that women are designed to try us in these things and women will keep on failing the test until they realize that the “Perfect Man” does not exist because they must learn these virtues too!

Refusal to learn these virtues in stubbornness and selfishness and isolation is deadly.Whatever "Survival Tactics" we have developed here on earth to "Stay on top of our game" may not be acceptable in heaven. That’s why heaven is described as squeezing a Camel through the eye of a needle.

May God help us all.Amen

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