Is your church teaching Gods commandments or man's traditions. Yes, I am aware that some traditions are to be passed down from generation to generation. But here lately I am hearing a lot more about what seems right unto man and not what God said in his word. Be careful! Are you looking for religion or salvation there is a difference?

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Dude, I do not argue your ability to do works. Everybody does works, good or evil. I am glad you choose to do good. But still I pity you. You appear to be brimming over with intelligence, yet you cannot see what a fool can see. Keep up the good work. Feed the hungry. Help the poor. Heal the sick, Raise the dead. Cast out devils. But if you don't believe in Christ as the Bible has said, If you don't know Him as the Bible introduces Him to us, He don't know you. If He don't know you, then your works are vain. But I do thank God that you are doing a good thing, and pray that He will break through that broad brain of yours and reveal His truth. But you will not know the truth because the intellectual who is become your companion will not allow it. He feeds you swelling words and your belly is filled with his wisdom. The attention you get is euphoric to say the least. You hear his voice and another you will not follow. I believe you are a good man. And I believe you have a mind to do good. I also believe that you have strong conviction about what you believe. But there is more. Again, I do not deny your works. I have no reason to. But it is not by works of righteousness which we have done, but the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost. By grace we are saved, not of works lest any man should boast. We all have our part. You do your part, and I'll do mine. May the hand of YHVH guide us both is my prayer
And all that Yeshua stated was You shall know the Torah and the Torah will set you free...The only place you find your form of redemption is in the Xian theology The Man was a Jew sage they did not and do not teach the superficial.
You are 100% right man og God. It's God who created us and his commandment must be.
Our house is definitely not religious but we have our challenges like other congregations. Religion tends to steer people from God instead of to Him, with its rituals and the word says "burdens", whether it is to much stress on tithing or attending classes. Modern church is in error because it is more about the day to day business of running the church instead of seeking where God wants to lead. A friend of mine recently observed that most churches preach where The Lord is there is Liberty but restrict its members and make them dependent on the pastors. True discipleship allows t leaders to become accountable to the authority of Jesus not pastors because no one can serve two masters. Because The Word says, whatever controls you is your master. Authority in the modern church is Pauline and therefore Roman. Deacons,bishops, teachers ie rank and order is not something Jesus taught. We are all brothers. Jesus said call no man father, Paul called Timothy his son so mans tradition of honoring spiritual fathers must be repented of... In His Service...
Amen to this!
When I go to worship , I go to get in God's presence not follow in religious tradition.
Mr Garland writes:"When I go to worship , I go to get in God's presence not follow in religious tradition."
And where do you go to worship /Daven to the L-rd, may I ask.
If G-d is everywhere then you do not have to invite him anywhere. In your heart or otherwise; Job Clarified that Doctrine of wisdom: Simply, YHVH is everywhere and within everything. Not that G-d is everything as in what Humanity turns to evil but that the very essence of the Universe and all that encompasses the great Mysteries of the within you. Have you considered at the end of the day when Ha'Shem greets the new day (the Night and the day are one day) with a blaze of painted tapestry across the sky..tell me really aside from removing yourself from Distractions and foolishness Really where do you or anyone for that matter go to worship the L-rd,... if it is not looking within our own heart of stone and receiving a heart of flesh,.. Ezekiel 36:v9 26,27-29-33-34:

Just a thought...enjoy your journey to the ShekinahLife:shalom
This is an old thread obviously, but these questions are to out to anyone: "Exactly what are God's Commandments? What separates them from the other commandments? I DARE SOMEONE to except this question and to answer it bibilically!" Who's got the nerve! :-)


I'm at:
Mr. Williams writes~""Exactly what are God's Commandments?
The marriage at Sinai came with the Ketubah in which there were a minion(ten) of instructions to the Jew first (Ha'Shem's chosen-Bride)and the Stranger with them: That is the Absolutes. there are no other commandments other than those to the Observant:
A Goyim / gentile is generally instructed to walk out the Seven laws to all mankind and that is the Noahide laws HERE).

There are however the rulings and advice of the Ethics of the Fathers of Torah (read~Pirkei Avos) and the Sophers (scribes)that dedicated there lives to HaShem and brought every Yud to us unblemished.

You may also note that in the TaNaKh there was/ is not the use of the Anglo Saxon word god.
It is this: the Yud, the Hey, the Vav, the Hey, = YHVH ~...and when we (Jews-Sages-Rabbis) see that, we say Adonai which means, My L-rd'
[Adon= L-rd ~Adonai = My L-rd~]
When we talk about G-d we are talking about the universal soul and each and everyone an individual soul sent from the Merkubah ( Or~ treasury of souls) from where HaShem has sent (us) into this sick and dying humanity in order to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem~
Without the G-d Breathed moment at our physical birth our humanity would be nothing/lifeless flesh. No greater than a worm.

In our Sephardi or Hasidim (Jewish) culture we take everything together[Torah the writings-the Talmud which is comprised the Gemara to get the minutest detail of Torah living and breathing and directing our lives with His awesome word [if you will allow~ Internalized:
Simply a walking servant of Ha'Shem with the Absolutes as signpost along the way>

Enjoy your journey finding your ultimate purpose.

We are all one ~ One soul~ created and breathed from the one Be-er and we are the Be-ings

Hope that helps someone find the ShekinahLIfe
God hates people who deface his work
Fred I really enjoy your Zeal for what you think you believe in~~~However.

I am thinking that if the Masters ways are so much higher than ours in Intellect..Would it then not behoove us as a collective humanity to show some attempt at intelligence and astute learning, in order to wow the masses...

Just a thought:



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