Gospel Radio Promotions and Advertising Add New Media Services Through Securenet Systems

Gospel Radio Promotions and Advertising is a division of Devine Jamz Gospel Network. We have expanded our media services and teamed up with Securenet Systems! Through our Securenet Systems, we offer professional website hosting, designing, ad delivery, mobile reach, and radio streaming for any customer around the world! Click Here or on the picture below and explore how we can serve your ministry or business!

Stream as much or as little as you want for a flat fee. There is no limit on bandwidth/data used in anyway; the only cap is on simultaneous listeners at any given time. Our streaming players are compatible on ALL operating systems and ALL browsers ensuring you 100% desktop penetration. For mobile devices, we provide a customized iPhone and Android app so you can reach your listeners using iOS/Android-operating software at no extra charge.


If you have not done so already I highly recommend browsing our website for some visuals of everything described below. We now have over 2,000 radio stations streaming with us in 40 countries and every U.S. state.


Plans are on a month-to-month basis, with no contracts, no set up fees and no overage/surprise fees.

All plans include live radio streaming, on-demand radio streaming and live mobile streaming with FREE custom smart phone apps.

All the custom player features below for generating revenue/sponsorships, listener retention, interactivity, and compatibility/functionality are included with every plan at no extra charge.
  • 2 customizable players for 2 streaming formats included – a Live streaming player and an On-Demand streaming player
  • A FREE custom iPhone app by Securenet Systems with many features (compatible with iTouch and iPad as well) 
  • A FREE custom Android app by Securenet Systems with many features
  • Mobile Streaming link for native smartphone streaming included (Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iTouch, Windows Mobile)
  • Ad Delivery Revenue Sharing Program: display ads from national and international advertisers and make money every month on your split of all ad impressions and clicks.
    • You can also still sell your own advertising on the player and combine it with our ad delivery program to get the best of both options.
  • Sell Banner Advertising of different sizes – rotating and synchronized banners synced with ad replacement spots
  • Sell Ad Replacement Spots: stats, affidavits and campaign scheduling feature included at no extra charge
  • Replace terrestrial audio spots with Internet only video ads during commercial breaks
  • Ability to input third-party ad codes (from Double Click, Target Spot, etc).
  • Sell Pre-roll advertising – upload Video, Audio (with synchronized banners) and Banner pre-rolls (stats included)
  • Now Playing feature: song, album and artist display
  • Built In Player Chat feature
  • Song Requests – right from the player
  • Buy Song Now from iTunes on the player
  • Display Album Artwork/cover
  • Automatic Twitter Updates of every song played
  • Listener Bookmarking and Embedding – allows listeners to easily bookmark your stream and embed your player on their own site of choice
  • Website Enhancers: Embeddable Widgets:  
    • on both your website and your streaming player
    • Song Search Wizard
    • Song/Playlist Wizard
  • Social Network Sharing Feature - listeners can share the player with everyone on Twitter/MySpace/FaceBook etc
  • Capture listener demographics and information form
  • Radio Preset buttons – link to social media sites, blogs and separate station players or side/HD channels
  • Multiple Player Switch: listeners of radio groups/clusters and side channels can switch back and forth from players/stations right from one player without having to go to multiple websites
  • Embed your daily schedule right in your player window
  • Player Take Over – allow advertisers to take over the branding of your player, including background design, while their spot is playing!
  • Show Host/DJ Banner and Background synchronization – sync the billboard banner or any banner and/or the player background itself for specific shows, DJ hours, hosts etc to display on the player while they’re on air and stream
  • Customizable Player background: with your own background and design or choose from one of 75 designs
  • 2 different player models– standard pop up player or embedded player on a web page
  • Black-out capability- allows you to automatically block and schedule out any content you are not allowed to stream
  • Remote DJ feature - a DJ can take over the stream from a different location
  • Stream high jacking protection – stream portals can’t post your stream without using your custom player with us. Protects your advertisers and branding from being bypassed.
  • Player Access Control - Enable Password Protection for your stream/s if you wish
  • Auto Restart encoding (will attempt to reconnect automatically if the stream drops)
  • Stream Time Outs -shuts off idle players from inactive listeners with an option to continue or not
  • Listener stats – monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, device and current listener stats
  • Full royalty accounting reporting

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