This is so true. Our maturity & spiritual growth comes when we are totally submitted to The Lord in the mist of all the chaos & confusion & we are certainty victorious in remaining in the peace of Christ when standing in Him against all the offenses, jealousy, envy, conflicts, attacks, competitiveness, emulations, disputes, misunderstandings, false accusations, judgements, unlawful challenges, lies, gossip, false witnesses, Naysayers, negative comments, being yelled at, opinions, differences, hostility, haters, bitterness, disagreements, finger pointing, disputes, strife, resentments, controversy, persecutions, contentions, rage, outbursts, variances,divisions, disharmony, anger, antagonism, clashes, spite, grudges, arguments, animosity, frictions, oppositions, dissensions, name calling, slanders, doubters, scoffers, the prideful, mockers, scorners, cynicism, defamers, profanities, identity & character assaults, divisions, malicious & mean behaviors, vindictive & unforgiving acts, sarcastic words, the releasing words of death & murder or hurtful & painful words, destiny stealer, accusers, back stabbing,
pessimists, criticism, belittling, bad attitudes, dishonoring, lack of respect, denials, skepticism, denigrating & conspiracies & evil networks against you & your character. We continue stand in Christ & know we wrestle not against flesh & blood.
Dr Zipporah Brown

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