Have We Traded Our Calls, Anointings,The Glory , Power & Presence Of God For Money, Power & Fame

There use to be a time you could find thru out the Nation Churches opened Praying at noon. Church  with shut ins up thru the New Year. You could attend Church & the power & presence of God was so great. Many souls were saved , people were truly saved & delivered with lasting fruits in there lives. Great Healing power was in lots of Churches. People were healed to include many terminal illnesses & people lived to very old ages still healed when they passed.Why is that power & presence in just a few remnant Churches today but nothing like the old Church.

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Rev Anthony R. Watson, Well Spoken , Written & Very Factual.Praying & Fasting As The Remnant All Around The Word For Another True Outpouring Of The True Spirit Of The Lord.

We Still Stand for God & work to Lift  Jesus High. www.DRMariettaBrown.net & Facebook DR Marietta Brown & Pastor Marietta Brown.

Wow...Sis. Brown:

A question that has been in my spirit for so very long.  I am so heartbroken by the self professed christians, Pastors, Ministers, Evangelist etc....people who claim to love and know God.  They are on FB posting R&B songs like "Knocking boots" and R Kelly as their favorite and then come on the next week claiming to not be of the world.  Fornicating while in the pulpit then saying they are delivered and rushing to be put back in place on the pulpit when they are nothing but a distraction, especially to me.  I am so very heartbroken.  I remember a year a so ago, I was witnessesing to to someone who told me they were a bedside baptist, that they didn't want to attend church because of the mess she was seeing.  I explained to her what the word of the Lord said, forsake not the assembling of the saints....but where are the SAINTS...who are the SAINTS....my Lord...rebrobate is in FULL effect.  You have preachers saying for God they live and for God they die, but say out the same breath that they need to be paid to preach the gospel and they are not full time preacher either.  They have jobs and won't even allow God to use them freely....unbelieveable.  The love of MONEY has taken place of true worship, honor and magnefying who they profess to love and follow.  You have some churches that don't even help the widows and homeless in their communities.  They don't even have food pantries for the community.  There is nowhere for the broken to go during the day or night....with all these professed christians...churches should be open 24 hrs like Walmart....No one takes the word of God serious nor God Himself.  They do anything and everything in the sight of the one they say is OMNI PRESENCE...go figure.


In Love Sister Denise

There are still Churches That help There Communities With Shoe String Budgets & Pastors That Live Holy & Celebrant As I Have For 11 Years Since My Husband Passed & There Are Many All Around The World. We Are Not The Ones People Like To Support. God Will Always Have A  Remnant That Has Not Bowed There Knees To The devil. Visit our Website At www.DRMariettaBrown.net visit our Community  Development Page watch the video & Our Face Book Pages DR. Marietta Brown & , Pastor Marietta Brown., We are lifting Jesus Up everyday in encouragement.We Started This Discussion because thats the way the World  and a lot of The Church fills and we want to Minister to People & Encourage them that we serve A Great & Faithful God.

Sis. Brown, oh I know of some store front churches that still lift of the name of Jesus and walk upright before the Lord and do well by their communties....don't get me wrong, I know you all are still out there, because I am apart of that army of soldiers.  I was just speaking of my heartbreak of the ones that have left their first love, which is Christ Jesus and have a form of godliness.  I will visit your site and will always keep you all in my prayers that you continue to be a blessing to other and most of all serve God.


In Love Sister Denise

 Mrs Denise Jones They are not all Store front Churches, We operate our main Church out of a 28,000 Square Feet Church, We Own  with four Locations. many Churches have Large  Buildings & Do the Work We Do. & live right ..I am The Senior Pastor who served two Pastors for 25 years before they sent me to Pastor.

Happy New Year to you also Rev. Watson.....LOL  yeah you would think huh?  You continue to be blessed also.  As always, I enjoyed reading your post which is always filled with the spirit of reverence to our maker and putting things into perspective.


In Love Sister Denise

Please lets respond to the Topic or Myself. Many Need Your Comments And Thoughts. Blessings. I am a Senior Pastor & Served Tow Pastors for over 25 years before they sent me out to Pastor,

My first Pastor Rev Heflin on The Sea Of Galiee In Israel seeded me with after 12 years of serving him  out  to  A Pastor That was his friend & felt could train me for the call on my life to work the Intercities  and That Pastor After  13 Years sent me to Pastor myself & my late Husband . My Husband passed & My Children & Elders that have been with me since we started help  to over see the Work.

My apologies Sis. Brown, I thought I had responded to your topic.  I was just acknowledging a fellow poster and wishing him blessings. 

I did visit your website and found it to be very interesting, but very dated.  I know there are great churches big and small, but I was giving homage to the store fronts because they are truly more connected to their congregants.  I know that most mega churches the people are not connected nor even know each other especially the Pastors.  Most Pastors of big churches don't even know their members nor are they connected with their needs other than the selected and God has no respect of persons, He includes us all.  I find that in big churches people tend to hide out and not be noticed.  Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike big churches, because I once was a member of a 10,000+ member church, under Pastor Jamal Bryant and worked very hard for the ministry for over 2 years and I seen how they operate and it is not very intimately aquainted.


But to steer back to your topic....The Old Church was closely knitted by the fabric of the Word of God until men started making money the priority instead of God.  There is nothing wrong with preaching prosperity, but properity in the Word and knowledge of God.  Properity in the riches of knowing who God is and His peace that allows one to live peaceably and holy and acceptable in His sight.  Like the scripture that says a good man leaves an inhertitance for his childrens children.  Most teach that from a monetary perspective and not the real richness of knowing God and how He will bring you through anything and you are rich in God and His ways of doing things.  Like, giving your children the knowledge of who God is and they pass it on to their children...you see what I am trying to say????  Oh, I know we need money, but do we really need money if we got Jesus?  Yeah, Jesus had a treasure, but never heard of him needing any of it....but all have assumed and not stood on the fact that God owns everything including the man with the money.


So, I lean towards the fact that the churches of today is too worldly and not Godly.  The have a form of godliness, but are far from it.


I see that you say two Pastors sent you out to Pastor, that is very interesting.  May God add a blessing to your discipleship.

In Love Sister Denise

Sweet gal I think lots of chritians need to know were to draw the lines 
Sweet gal I think lots of chritians need to know were to draw the lines 


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