Do you realize how many people are unemployed?  How many are unemployed Christians?  I know you are saying God will provide.  Yes, He will provide, when we take action.  I know many Christians are sitting in churches today, needing a helping hand.  People are loyal to their church and yet many churches are unable to meet the needs of their people.  Whether you've been unemployed yourself or not, you know someone who has been or is today.  In this economy, we all need a financial boost.  Please share this awesome activity with those who are in need or desire extra cash.



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yes, unemployment is what should not be seen in the life of every christian. ma, unemployment is one of the vital instrument the devil uses to subject christians to poverty and also to deny them of their salvation.
An hungry man is an hangry man as they say. how would someone who has not eating bcos he/she has no job listing to the world of GOD? if not by the grace of GOD and the hope we have in HIM. I think this is a very good topic you have raised. bless u.


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