This information is critically important. The lives that can be changed, for the better, with this information is countless.
Please, take the time to hear what the medical and research professionals are saying and take the appropriate action. (CALL ME AFTER YOU REVIEW THIS!)

After you review this information, give me a call. Many doctors and researchers have joined this effort. You are fortunate to even see this information.
It can save you or a loved one much grief. Now, learn about possibly, the greatest health breakthrough of our time,

“Transfer-Factor” - Listed in the P.D.R, (Physician's Desk Reference)

Click on these links (Parts 1, 2 and 3) (Very Important)

Testimonials about Transfer-Factor.....

4Life Corporate Site....... (For new distributor enrollment only)

To order or enroll by phone call: 1-888-454-3374 and press 1. Then give ID number 6507290 (VERY IMPORTANT)

Recorded Calls:

866- 315- 4001 (Intro Dr Rob Robertson Jr.)
866- 315-4002 (Numerous Doctors)
866- 315-4004 (Veterinarians)
866-315-4006 (Platinum Diamond Distributor, Ray Muerer, tell his amazing story.)
888- 201-3449 (Nathan Larson, Vice-President)
Live Calls:

1- Mondays at 8:15 p.m. and Saturday at 3:00 p.m., CST
712- 432-3100, Access Code 914079
Ron Knisely (Research Analyst- Specializing In Preventive Medicines and Anti-Aging)

24 Hour Pre-Recorded Call 712-432-1282 Access Code: 813591# (press # twice) (VERY IMPORTANT)

2- Thursdays at 7:00 p.m., CST
877-678-5433 Access Code: 810483
Dr. Cynthia Champion-Olson

I hope that you will take the time required to understand, how, “transfer-factor” can help impact global health!!!!!!

" If, you love yourself and your family; you will listen to the above calls and the above web-site links".

"You cannot afford to make a mistake, when lives depend on you! "


Minister Glenn & April Rogers
Presidential - Diamond
ID# 6507290

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