I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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but then at the sametime we are taking things of the world that we see and like and trying to incoperate into the church..and most of it is not of God...but if God has placed that into your spirit to do so..then nobody can't judge that...but if you're doing that just because you want to do something similar to what the world is doing but just putting God in the title....then NO God won't get the glory from that.
Gospel Hip Hop is just another trick of the enemy. By placing the "gospel" before it will cause you to accept it as true gospel music with a gospel message. But, think about it for a moment. A lot of these kids (and I was a kid once who thought the same way about R&B, Funk, etc.) are just moving with the rhythm. Some may be listening to the lyrics, but initially, it's the rhythm of the beat that grabs their initial attention, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where their minds are wandering off to in response to the beat.

So, when you here Gospel Hip Hop using the "same beat" where do you think the initial thoughts of the individuals hearing this music is wandering off to? I'm willing to bet that it ain't Jesus dying on the cross.

As much as I liked R&B music, I can assure you it wasn't this type genre mixed with Gospel that drew me to Christ. It was the WORD.

Peace in Jesus
Now this I totally agree with.
In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth; Gen 1:1 has God gotton so scenile, so old and tired that he forgot how to create a sound to reach the people that he created? have we become so arrogant as to believe that we have to mix God's pure word of life with the vile music of Hip Hop in order to tell the story of the risen saviour? Has the devil tricked the Church so badley into believing that because we slapped Jesus on the label and changed the lyrics that some how the Intial Message has changed?

To form the very word "Music" we get the root word Muse...in the greek it means INSPIRATION other definitions define it as a spirit - the point is what makes you think that changing the words of the song without changing the spirit in which the words travel on changes the result of its initial intent? Oh sing unto the Lord a NEW song! what's new about a remixed rapp song? The Word of God needs no help! The Word of God has its own Sound! the Word of God needs no help from the devil! Seek God's help; I am sure that he is still able to muster up a sound or two that you can use to reach his people!

Peace -

Pastor Hodge
Some one once said:

"Music is 'the quill of the soul.'
Music taps into a very deep place
and speaks to us in a way that regular words can't."

Gotta be careful what you take in your spirit.
Actuall music by passes the brain goes straight to the spirit! Ask Satan, he was the worshipping angel! Strange enough the bible still calls him thou art the annointed cherub! He also still has that mantle! So check it out! He is still ordaining participants! God doesn't need any help to worship himself! The God in you worships God in you! That would be Jesus!
Be Blessed

Apostle Spivey
Chaplin Pat, I agree with Kimberly. The style of Hip Hop (Rap) is not the problem. It is the message and spirit behind it that is the problem. There are quite a few reputable Christian Gospel Hip Hop artist (who are ministers) that are very good at bringing across the word through Gospel hip-hop.

It is about renewing the minds of our youth versus teaching them to pass judgment. It is so unfortunate that our children are looking for guidance and what they are finding is a whole lot of, "NO, You are forbidden to do this and you are forbidden to do that without showing enthusiasm as to what they CAN do while witnessing to others in a spirit that is upright without compromise."
I agree! If we took the time necessary to raise them right, we wouldn't have to use a gimic that they turn to in the first place to express their anger at the world, the government and possibly even us! Our disfunction has bred disfunction. We have created a society that tries to redefine God and recreate him in our image! We are trying to broaden a path that Christ himself said is so narrow that few there be that find it! Everybody can be a christian without the requirement of being holy! How many times have we heard Hip Hop artist themselves thanking God for the profanity that made them famous!
Preach it, Bro Woods!!
But it aint the lack of raising children - that breeds a need for gimics -- its the preachers in the pulpit that dont preach the word of God.
Therefore they MUST entertain them, they MUST entertain the masses.

I like comedy like a whole bunch of people - does that mean in order to keep me in the Church they will have to give more and more time to comedians like the dancers and mimes and clowns and lights and plays and other crap they use to get people in the pews every week?

This is madness.
Hold on Sis. Newview,

Christian Mime Dancers are not clowns. They are expressionists through their dance. They do not perform for the sake of entertainment, they perform to deliver a message. They are actually acting out the lyrics of the songs they dance to. They are like dance actors without using their voices.

My son is a Mime Dancer and when he dances, it is the Spirit that moves through him. He feels the lyrics he is expressing. I'm not bragging - this is his ministry for now, and he takes it very seriously.

Thank you Bro. Woods for allowing the truth and the Spirit of God to lead you.
I agree on certain aspects. I also believe that it a time and place. I just get upset when pastors call christians (rappers)-ministers just some sort of entertainment. I love God and I spread the gospel Thru rap. We need to focus on relationship and stop complaining on what man feel like whats holy or not. The music and it context will tell you if it's God or not.There some christian rapper who heart is not in the right place but it there also rev and minister who heart is not focus on god.Hip hop artist do give thanks when receiving awards but just like u said thank to God.God Can be anything money sex satan what every they idolize. we dont know the god they serve. Just want to Thank my lord and savior for using me the way he does. We all call fishers of men all fish don't bite the same bait. so lets focus on kingdom business. We have to be careful with everything not just christian rap.Do your research before invited people to minister at your church. Speaking with love. REMEMBER KEEP RUNNING GOD'S RACE!!!! Campain watch?v=gLqYWCPCasU


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