I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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Pastor Hodge,

Let me first start off by saying no where in our entire discourse did I refer to you as a pharisee or say that you are heaping bondage on the people. I think that you may have mixed up your screen names prompting you to attribute that to me. I went through each of my posts just to be sure that another apology was not in order.

You state: The basis for this conversation is simple; Regarding the Church at Large: Should we take music tracks, themesongs of rapp artist an attach the word of God to them and pass them off as a "move of God" in otherwords should we take Hip Hop Songs and change the name of the song and the words to the song and resell it to the Church as Holy Hip Hop...the simple answer is NO!

And I agree, musicians should be creative enough to come up with original music to set their thoughts to. Whenever I hear Rick James "SuperFreak" I think of MC Hammer. Music has that power. Personally, I put that in the category of meats offered to other gods that Paul speaks of. If I was a musician using rap as a musical medium in the church I personally would not use it because I may have brothers and sisters of which it offends. Christian rappers must keep this in mind when they are creating music.

However, as a total musical medium we cannot discount Christian rap as an effective tool of both worship and evangelism, provided that both beats and words are original and encompass ideas and thoughts that are consistent with scripture. That's been my whole argument the whole time. My original post was based upon the post from Minister Jenkins that started this whole conversation. It was my understanding that he did not think the medium of Christian rap was viable in church and that was what I disagreed with. Forgive me because I did not know that the conversation had switched to a discussion on whether old hip hop songs should be converted to christian songs by adding christian lyrics (no sarcasm here this is sincere). I hope that this clears things up on my part. I'm always willing to hear all sides to a matter without insulting those who have those views.
Well said, Pastor Walton.
And I agree, musicians should be creative enough to come up with original music to set their thoughts to. Whenever I hear Rick James "SuperFreak" I think of MC Hammer.

Bro. Walton, You are exactly correct! my argument from the very beginning is simple; If God can give you the words, he can give you the tune to carry the words! remixing is not creating!

If you are writing an original music and biblical lyrics to that original music than quite honestly it cannot be classified as "Hip Hop" it is simply than a poetic work put to music - in this, there is no crime! I can't see anyone being offended by this expression.

Pastor Hodge
I couldn't help but to join in on this conversation. I am a front line member of The Body of Christ and also a Hip Hop Minister. Yes I said Hip Hop Minister because Hip Hop is a Ministry. Once an individuals educate themselves on the structure of Hip Hop as being poetry over musical instruments...much like the Book of Psalm, then they will stop attacking the art & attack the real issues. Attacking Hip Hop is as silly as attacking Cadillac's & suits that certain preachers wear & drive because so do pimps. It is a style that that an individual was created for, just as Hip Hop is a dialect of language that many speak & understand. We attack music but won't attack thieves & robbers in the pulpits (John 10:10), it's hypocrisy.

Hip Hop is a tool...like a screw driver. A screw driver can be used to put something together, or it can be used to kill you or to break in your car. Hip Hop has been used by many to destroy, but do not be so narrow minded to throw away the tool...teach the young how to use the tool properly. Lets get out of Churchdom & step into Kingdom. Shalom aleichem (Peace Be Upon You)
I second that...Amen!
Thank you brother for having an ear to hear & for breaking off the shackles of religious as well as cultural colonialism. Many blessings upon you in your journey.
Thank you brother for having an ear to hear & for breaking off the shackles of religious as well as cultural colonialism. Many blessings upon you in your journey.
I have to correct you brother, I tried to retire from this topic, but I have to say something--Hip hop is a ministry in the church YOU attend if that's what you want. But Hip-hop is NOT a spiritual ministry, are you saying that it is actually ordained by God? If you want to call yourself a Hip-hop minister that is also your choice. However, there is no such thing as a "Hip-hop minister" in a church that preaches Christ crucified, maybe in an apostate church. What's next, a down-home blues minister or a heavy-metal & punk rock minister?
Well if you are interested, and since you brought it up Jim Bakker's son Jay Bakker does do heavy metal ministry and it is interesting to behold, but I have seen souls won through his message. http://www.revolutionnyc.com/about/ That is a link to his site. I saw him minister at UYWI (United Youth Workers Institute.). These are men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving the youth of this country, those that name the name of Christ as well as those without. They work tirelessly to serve and to reach youth at all costs, Rev Miller, tell me something, if you were called to serve in Romania, would you learn the language or would you attempt to make the populous conform to your custom before actually reaching out to them? Or would you actually learn their customs their language so that you could communicate on even footing? If you feel that doing so is of no worth, then the question has to be where is your passion for the people? Only someone who is passionate for the people, so anxious for their salvation that they would use the tool that Holy Hip Hop is. To deny the usage and effectiveness of this tool is to deny that it can be wielded both succinctly and wisely, I used it in my classroom when I taught first and second grade students how to recite their multiplication tables to 15. Tell me that is demonic, tell me that is not worthy of note, and consideration.
If I were called to a country which spoke with a different tongue than mine I would have to learn his language that's true. But at the same token, If I were called to minister to an alcoholic I wouldn't give him a bottle of Jack Daniels in an attempt to reach him because that's what he is familiar with. I didn't know that Bakker's son was a "Heavy Metal" minister, does that sound right to you?


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