I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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It sounds right in that the fact that the church where he pastors is edified. There are souls being saved, and indeed there are lives changed where drugs and alcohol are dealt with. In terms of giving an alcoholic a bottle of Jack to reach him, that is a straw man argument, it is nonsensical upon the utterance. dignify it with an answer I will not. Suffice it to say however that while you attempt to deflect and relax in religious thinking which really truly has no place in Christian thought, there are souls being saved, there are people who are brought into contact with God when they would not set foot inside a church. There are people to who are out there speaking the language that reaches young people, and it is effective. You once told me that Jesus is not pragmatic. I had to think about that for a minute, and I have to say, you could not be more wrong. The law was given, and yet man could not live up to it, he failed at every attempt. Jesus came, he lived His life. He reached out to the very ones the religious world said was not worth it. The ones the religious world at the time said were hell bound and not worth redemption. The ones the religious world saw nothing redeemable in, Jesus touched, Jesus ate with. Jesus partied with, Jesus served. Jesus bled and died for such as these, and suddenly the ones who could not live the law, were now made able to live the life of Christ, and now were able to live under the grace that God gives to live out the life God intended. I dunno, but that sounds a little pragmatic to me...
No matter how you want to identify which title is the correct form, that is up to you. For instance...you use the title of Rev. where Reverend isn't an office recognized in The Word...now I'm not saying you are not a minister of The Gospel....I use that example to show that the church is attacking callings, names & titles rather than the real issues. God is The Creator of All, man has manipulated & perverted all things.

Hip Hop is a tool to deliver truth just as the pulpit is. It honestly is more effective in certain areas because the pulpit remains within 4 walls preaching to the choir while hip hop carries its message to drug dealers, addicts, etc. in areas where church folks are dressed to cleanly to go. Now I do not say that I forsake the assembly of believers, but not to the point to where I forsake the non believers.

This entire discussion SHOULD be upon where The Truth is spoken. Whether it's in a pulpit or a recording booth, all words have to be weighed against God's truth to be valid. Ministry through Hip Hop, Dance, Mime, Painting, etc, are all unique. Do not tear down what you don't understand or what you have not been called to do. We are all vessels made differently. HIP HOP IS POETRY OVER MUSIC, JUST AS THE PSALM. David sent a call to The Chief Musician before he ministered...just as a rapper sends a call to a studio engineer or producer before he ministers.

Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition....Lets NOT attack The Body...Lets Attack Sin
Hip Hop is a tool to deliver truth?

Bother(s) Hunter, Anthony and Sister Mc Clue;

This is an important issue in the (The Church) I am glad that we as the leaders of the Church can come together on a forum like this and discuss it so that we can deliver to our members in good concience what God has given us. So that we are all clear on the same topic; SHOULD WE (AFTER CHANGING THE NAMES OF THE RECORD AND THE WORDS TO TO THE SONGS) BRING HIP HOP MUSIC INTO THE CHURCH?

I can't imagine for a second that Bro. Hunter really ment to say that "Hip Hop" is a tool deliver the truth" if he did than I am paying for you. I cannot for the life of me understand WHY we feel it a requirement to bring the filfth and vileness of Hip Hop into the house of God or even represent it as Gods form of communication? Please answer me this.

I am a converted Muslim - I got saved and sanctified hearing the word of God! I did not get saved hearing Hip Hop, I backslid hearing (Hip Hop) I did not get saved because someone bought a Quran to me! I did not get saved because the preacher dressed in a jabalil or a kufi! I Got saved hearing the Word of God! it was preached out of a Baptist Church and was no gangsta rapp artist present and the chior had nothing to do with it! How do you explain that? I was 13 years old when that happened! please explain that sirs and mam!

To be a minister means you are a servant! and servant is under obligation to obey his master! you said you were a Hip Hop Minister and I could not agree with you more! I would contend that God did not call us to be slaves to hip hop! God called us to be servants of Christ and Christ has no fellowship with the evil works of the flesh! Hip Hop is not only a work of the flesh it is its own registered religon any relegion has a god someone or something that they worship! How in Gods name can you actuate the contention that you are serving God while serving another religion? That is a "double agent" and God is not in the market for double or secret agents - Choose you this day (said joshua) whom you will serve...) God is looking for his people to boldly, plainly proclaim his word and let the anointing of the Word of God bring the increase!

The people (Bro. Anthony) can be saved the way Christ spoke in the book of Matthew 28:19 Go into ALL nations TEACHING them baptizing them in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, TEACHING them to observe ALL things whatsover I have cmmanded you! and lo I am with you always,even unt the end of the world. Amen.

My Father was muslim - converted to Christ! My Brothers were Muslims- converted to Christ! My Couzens were all Muslims - Converted to Christ! My Uncle were Muslims converted to Christ! My Aunts were Muslims - Converted to Christ Non of us got saved listening to Hip Hop! we got saved listening to the preached an taught wordof God! how do you explain that sirs! My Drinking buddies Got saved, my fornicating friends got save! AGAIN It was the word of the living God!

The Hip Hop didn't even draw us -sadly I actually first heard in the Church! (did you think this topic was new? did you think it started with you? Curtis blow came to my Church in the 80's with that trash and I was not fortified enough to reject it then! but I am now!

so please help me understand how you think that music born our of a refer induced, liquored state of mind inspired by demons is a requirement to preach the Gospel of peace?

He did not tell us oberve what the world is teaching us and then duplicate it; he told us to teach the world!

The world is laughing at you! The Devil is laughing at you and you are accusing us of "Attacking the Body?" that's like the cancer cells telling the immune system not to attack the body!

Pastor Hodge
Pastor Hodge,

I am thankful for your conversion to see The Light which is Christ.

I assure you I mean all that I say I stand firmly behind it. What we as The Body of Christ must learn & adapt to is that we are ONE Body, with MANY Members. MANY callings.

We are ONE Military with DIFFERENT ranks & divisions. The Army has a different assignment than the Air Force....Coast Guard, Marines, & Navy. All however are the military. I was converted from not only the streets but also RELIGION. Both teach that there is only one narrow perspective to view life from. Jesus didn't walk as the lame stiff in a suit that many people in the church do. We have lost our ability to live in freedom. We have lost our own individual identity. We look the same, we sound the same, and share the same limited effectiveness. Many Christians don't know what they look like from Mon-Sat.

I was given a mission to reach the campuses, the stress, the political sector, the educational sector, the church sector etc. I know you will really dislike this...but I am also an Administrator for a Campus Ministry which has a Christian Fraternity within it.
Paul teaches that he became as all to win more for Christ. I was made in a non-tradition form to reach the lost that the church has lost it's power to reach. Not all church, because WE as individuals are THE CHURCH (the Ekklesia) as The Scriptures teach. But the buildings on more corners than liquor stores & strip clubs that FAIL to hit the streets...which is what Jesus did. They even fail to reach the people within their own closed quarters. So they preach fear instead of love. The preach segregation instead of empowerment. They teach ignorance & narrow minded perspectives instead of a solution.

I did not rap in the world, I was given the assignment when I came to Christ. Gospel Music is not just Mississippi Mass Choir...Gospel Music is Music that exalts The Gospel of Yeshua The Christ. We as a Body are missing that. How is Southern Gospel w/organ music acceptable when it doesn't come from the TRADITIONAL roots of Gospel music...if you want to get technical? Lets trace music back to our Christian/Middle Eastern Roots. What we celebrate as Gospel is not acceptable in terms of culture because of the relation to Western European influence. Is this a sin...no...IT'S A TRANSLATION. Just as is The Holy Bible in English. It is a tool or avenue for those who can not understand one translation to understand another.

Jesus spoke in parables because the people could not understand other teachings. Hip Hop puts scripture in rhyme. Do you eliminate the poetical books of The Bible?
It's funny how those who oppose me speaking in favor of of hip hop won't address the similarity of what David & other psalmist did in their writings. Hip Hop was born long before Curtis Blow....long before America! We must stop looking at Christianity through American/Eurocentric eyes since all that is written comes from a more diverse culture.

Believers have become watered down & obtain more faith than knowledge....as The Holy Scriptures teach us, our people perish for the lack of knowledge. Both are needed.

Satan didn't speak to Eve or Jesus in hip hop terms...he spoke using words they understood...do we now ban words? This is asinine!!! He spoke using what was spoken by God...do we ban what was spoken by God? NO!!! We should oppose those in any genre of music or any PULPIT (some of which have far more offenses than worldly hip hop artists) that twists The Word or teach lies. The Bible teaches that LIFE or DEATH are in the power of The Tongue. Any tongue…not just the one you prefer.

People have come to believe that The King James version is the only real Bible, Shirley Caesar is the only true style of Gospel, and you have to wear a suit or a dress to respect God....these are lies from the pulpit...GOD IS MORE THAN THE BOX AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY HAS TRIED TO PUT HIM IN.

I am living for Christ in the identity HE created. If it is not your identity, I understand. But understand that we don't look alike for a reason. Just as a coffee mug & a vase. Both are vessels but are made to do something different. In today's time we can't keep putting new wine in old wine skins. We are losing our people, let’s unify instead of continuing this non-civil war. But hip hop as a culture & it’s use in ministry will not vanish.

Shalom aleichem
LOL this is what I am talking about Spencer here you are saying that there cannot be a hip hop minister, and because there cannot be a hip hop minister, how can people that this man ministers to be saved. This is what you are saying, I am not putting words in your mouth this is what you are inferring.
Everything you are talking about is worldly, light and dark will never come together. If you want to be a Hip-hop minister be one! You don't need my approval, and if I don't agree with you why does it bother so much? Keep on hip hoppin' in the church if that's makes you happy, if that's your way of praising your god than do it. You will never convert me to that practice and belief, regardless of your self perceived clever postings.
How is speaking about the salvation of someone else worldly? Are you sure you are reading MY posts? You are correct sir I do not need nor do I seek your approval, No it doesn't bother me, I serve the same God you do, only I do so UNBOUND. Not trying to convert you, I simply hate to see someone so bound in their thinking that they will not allow others around them to be free. Self perceived clever postings. my dear sir, i do not believe myself to be clever, well read yes, saved, absolutely yes, free, yep that's me, clever...Not so much. Well thought out, ok I can deal with that self assessment, but clever no...It implies a bit mischief that I left behind long ago. Besides they are your writings not mine.
I am not stopping you or anyone else for that matter from being free, again do what you feel is best for you that's freedom isn't? Salvation comes from God and God alone, not from Hip-hop or any other type of music to include hymns, spirituals,anthems, contemporary or traditional gospel. I am bound, I am bound to and by the Word of God and I am not for importing worldly amusements into the church in an attempt to attract non-Christian seekers or the unchurched by appealing to their fleshly interest.

I am against the church or a church that sidelines convicting sermons for music that has been derived from the world, I believe in the preaching of sermons about sin, damnation, and hell fire. I am not in league with the "church growth movement" and I don't concur with trying to make the seeker or unchurched comfortable by offering him or her amusement and entertainment. This sort of thing is incompatible with the Bible's emphasis on sin, judgment, hell, and several other important topics.

Brother Anthony, you seem to me to be not just intelligent, but rather highly intelligent in both a psychological and spiritual sense of the word, and with that said, you should know that a gospel message needs to be a confrontational message. When you remove the confrontation you thus soften and sugar-coat the message. In essence, you downplay it or bring it through the back door rather than the front. You become men pleasers (cf. Gal. 1:10). , rather than pleasers of God. When a sinner wanders into the church and sits through something he is familiar with prior to him coming to church in place of receiving the message that he or she is in imminent danger of losing his or her soul to eternal death in hell and must look to the Savior, hip hop music/entertainment just won't cut it. This is not "allowing someone to be free" this is keeping someone bound to the fascination of the world and worldly things.
Rev. Miller,
What is your opinion of the Clark Sisters' "Livin'"? Did you know the accompaniment is a rework of Tom Browne's 1980 hit, "Funkin' For Jamaica"? Or that Kirk Franklin's "Lookin' For You" uses a rework of Patrice Rushen's "Haven't You Heard"? Most hip-hop, Holy or otherwise rarely uses an original score, rather, they use heavily reworked or "sampled" tracks.

The point I'm making is that music is not inherently evil. All music is the creative property of God Almighty. Satan cannot create anything, he can only pervert and distort. You can take a Beatles' song and re-do the lyrics with biblically sound lyrics and have a "gospel song".

What I'm suggesting here is that we be open-minded. You cannot catch salmon and trout with the same bait -- and we are called to be fishers of men. The purpose is to catch 'em so the Master can clean 'em -- but we cannot use a catch-all approach.


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