We black people here in America know little of the prevailing culture we shared with the many tribes of Africa before our ancestors were brought by force to America.  Among the few things I've read about "african culture" is homosexual behavior was not tollerated by any African tribe.


And homosexual behavior was not tolerated in America until the American Association of Psychiatrists considered it legal behavior in the 1970's.


Just as war consists of physical combat, we must become aware psychological machination is also a tactic of war.  And, we should become suspicious that pushing sexual perversion is a last resort being used to keep us in a state of sujugation.


Whites have ruled over us as gods since we were brought here.  Their ability to dictate how we should think is the main god-feature they have excercised.  We tolerated discrimination after slavery until one of us decided we will tolerate it no more.  that person was Rosa Parks.


Today psychiatrists acting as our god(s) demand we allow our children to be exposed to doctrine which says sexual preversion between people of the same sex is ok.  Will we go along with the hype if and when they say marrying dogs is ok too.  To bring us low-whites will do anything.  they already have.  We just don't get opportunity to read about all the low behavior whites have forced us to tolerate.


Now, whites have brained washed some whites into being homosexuals so these freaks have authority over our children as adoptive parents. This trend along with education that teaches our children same sex sex is OK is setting a foundation for future kidnapped generations of our group to become  a nation of freaks more interested in having the right to be a sexual freak than to vote, have  economic progress, political power, or any other accomplishment normal human being desire."  The word normal will loose meaning in our future generations vocabulary unless we stop the running dog white exploiters from corrupting our children today.


There is no reason for us to take to the streets than to protest the way, whites wanting to be our gods, are corrupting our children. 


Are there any real black men and women left in America?  Or are we so into acquiring "stuff" that nothing else matters to us today?


The Tea Party whites have come out to re-install white supremacy.  We need a Nat Turner or Sourjourner Truth coalition to show whites they are not our god(s). That they are not going to "make us men and women" according to their insane desire.  Men and women so sexually corrupt we're lower than dogs than dogs who have sex with their mothers!  Men and women so sexually corrupt we allow  men to rape our 2-3 year old boys. 


Whites have used religion to pacify us.  We love our abusers while white christians kill theirs.

Check out Buddhism which is about teaching people how to think properly.  To think in a fashion which discourages harming other entities.  Killing all the people of Canaan was criminal. Unless we realize this we will always accept the lies Jewish and Christian exploiters parade as truths and rightiousness. Their claim homosexuality is OK is a lie second only to "Jews taking Canaan was OK." It was not.  They took it for political and economical reasons!!!!!

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