This is a common question and one that is very simple to answer. If a person has a ministry, his ministry will flow out of him and produce the proper fruit. Ministry is evidence, and it just makes a way and a place for itself.


A pear tree does not ask what it is; it just grows pears. There is no doubt about it: It is not a banana tree; its leaves are not the same and its fruit is not the same. People will know what you are by the fruit you produce. As you seek the Lord, pray in the Spirit, and study God's Word, the ministry gift that God has placed in you will surface without your having to force it out.

Quote by Dr. Lester Sumrall


"The ministry fruit in your office, should match the name of your office, if not, wait for it to grow, and everyone else will easily name the fruit of your office and take a bite. It will be a ministry walk and not work!"

Quote by Bishop K.E. Kemp, Sr.

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God said in this word that he will lead you and guide you......God will confirm it in your heart with a burning desire to work in the offices that God as called you to. God will speak to you in his word as well, for example God chosen me to be a Prophet he allows me to used in the office of a Prophet and give a from the Lord in the correct timing and season the word is due for the glory of the Lord. We must study our callings II Timothy 2: 15 the doctors,lawyers, police study their calling, but some of us fail because we take it and run without learning and studying our true office to whom God as not only called us but, as chosen for to build up the kingdom of God. Quote by Prophet M. Molette


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