This is a widely debated topic now , not just for the World but for Chuch and Christians.

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Yes God is merciful. The Word says God can be a God of Love but he can be a God of wrath.The Lord loves all of us he just does not love our sins.It comes a time, we  all have to know the truth and work on our deliverance and being sat free by the Power Of God, Gods True Word & The Blood Of Jesus. Sin is a hard taskmaster & we all work on some type of sin. We are not perfect but we work & strive for perfection daily In Jesus Great Name.

Newview, For those that have been raped & molested & has bad seeds planted in them trying to take root, we need to take the Word of God  & work to see them delivered and Pray ,& Counsel them until that vicious  cycle is broken .People are hrting we need to deal with these issues. A lot of People are hurting  & want to be free but to shame & dont know how. to be free, who to talk to . They dont want to be a victim all over again.


Jesus loves us all. We cant hide behind that , If we do and say all the World is saying & doing how can we help them. If The Blind leads the Blind we all will fall in the ditch. We cant help someone when we are struggling in areas that  they are struggling  in. Its not the Words but the light of Jesus to include , Our lives to include our secret lives. I would not go to a Doctor for a Cure if he was as sick as I am  and needed to be  healed , he cant help himself . Thats why the World does not want Jesus. We are caught up in all , they are caught up in and than we say dont Judge , God loves us. No , The World is hurting & we are the only Jesus  they will ever see , our lives not just in Church, In Secret, Our Children & Family is looking. Its not do as I say no, it does not work that way. People, Our Families, Our Children , Our Members if we are Pastors should do as we do.
well said my brother
Thankful for all of your comments. We need to pray that the Church will have higher standards  and stand for the truth of The Word Of God.. We need to live Jesus to include our Personal lives daily.
Amen @ "we need to pray that the Church will have higher standards..."  When the local assembly (church, meeting house, ect.) becomes the house of God then we will see change.  God bless you!
The Word is the Word. We cant change it by our views, the things we are caught up in . The Spirits we have allowed to attach themselves to us or modern day Fads or Bad seeds that have been deposited in our lives now taking roots maybe Rape, Molestation Or Fads. We need to cry out for Deliverance & For God to put the right people in our lives that are equipped, there secret lives in order that can help us & not make us a victim all over again or the Blind leading the Blind or   People secretly struggling like we are  that we all will fall in the ditch.

So, you being an apostle.


How many miracles have you performed or God performed through you?


How many churches have you planted?


If you have done none of these then biblically, you are NOT an apostle and NOT being called an apostle by the Word of God.

Thanks for all of your comments. We as a Church & Pastor has got to sat the standards high in the Body Of Christ even if it means fewer members. As A Pastor & Our Church we try to sat the standard high . Many times people leave and go to Churches where the standards are lower and its all that hype and foolishness. The Lord has got to really answer and show himself strong for the remnant Churches / Pastors that are trying to  Obey with good morals and values . Lets began to ask God for this in Prayer. that he will Bless us and give us the help and fiances as we are standing for truth to do what he has called us to do.. Lets not just talk but live Jesus.
The subject of same sex "marriage" is an aberration and not anything legitimate. It is a perversion that will NEVER have the blessings of the Lord, pure and simple as God does not endorse sexual perversion in any form! God has very clearly spoken His mind on this issue that is not an issue biblically speaking. We have a sorry President that I believe is a closet gay man trying to undermine the federal law by declaring that DOMA is "unconstitutional" his assessment. As a former constitutional professor, you would think that he knows that he does not have the authority to declare anything unconstitutional; that is the responsibility and duty of the Judiciary Branch! What we should be doing is calling Gays to repentance from their perversion and to lead them to the Son of God, who alone can set them free from their bondage!
We have to stand on the true Word Of God , we cant hange because of the times, fads or peoples opinions. The True Word of God is the Word. The Devil knows the strength in men so he sends every Spirit from Hell to destroy them. He makes things hard so they can end up in prison , loose there  man hood , there gender loss, drugs, society that labels them as losers and now there gender change to marry each other.

How do I feel about same sex marriage?


Same gender loving Americans have the right to legally marry the person that they love.  They should have the legal right to marry and have their marriages recognized by the governing bodies. The church can decided who marriages that they will recognize in a religious sense but it is not up the church to decide who gets married. 


I say let them legally marry for what they do is between them and God. 


Heck, there was a time when black folk couldn't legally marry and up until about 50 years ago inter-racial marriage was heavily debated and outlawed. 


This is not a church thing!!


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