How do you know that you have been called to be an evangelist?

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First of all , you have to know if God called you into the office . You have to be sure of your calling and your walk with God , Then you have to be prepared for all the sacrifices you have to make to stay close to God . I do remember clearly , when the Lord called me into the ministry , and believe me , I have fought it because I didn't think I was worthy . But after seeking the Lord (actually He got me up in the early hours of the day for 6 months to pray ) , and He equipped me , then I went forth . I am walking in the office of the Evangelist but I don"t have the title , which is fine ,because God called me so He qualified me for the work . I know who Iam in God , I don"t have validate my self for me . Everything is for His glory , not the praises of men . God bless you !
The call was prophecied to me by my Pastor, In my church you must have the approval of your husband, a faithfulness to your local church, a family where your children have been raised, Evangelism calls for travel, it is not good for young mothers to be away from their children.

We have to have worked at least two years in a ministry field(mine was prison ministry) before being ordained.

Afterwards you are required to continue in your ministry,run revivals, assist your pastor in starting new churches, and if called again, do foreign ministry.
Amen to that. When i was called to the ministry of Evangelism over 20 years ago, i accepted the call from God but i did not call myself an Evangelist because i thought people would think i was making it up. I was then concerned more about what people think than what God would do in my life. When i embraced my calling and went forth in the Name of Jesus, doors opened up and blessings began to flow! And God has truly taken care of all my needs. To me, it doesn't matter if someone doesn't call me Evangelist. But i have been blessed to have people recognize my office and God blesses them when they do!
First of all you must know that the Lord has called you into that office, and not only that all Evangelists have evangelistic anointings on the inside of them. You would know a true Evangelist when they come into the house of God and speak, because there is an different anointing in which the Evangelist operate in than any other in the five fold ministry. Not only that you must be prepared to travel, keeping in mind that revivals and preaching is fine, well, and good, but the work of the Evangelist is to win souls unto God. If you look up the word Evangelist you will find that the Evangelist is the head soul winner of Christs church, and they train up others to be soul winners in the body of Christ. When you are truly called you wont be able to shake what God is requiring you to move into, When God called me as an Evangelist, i had sleepless nights, lost of apetite, and others things as well because the Lord was trying to deal with me concerning my call, but i didn't answer immediatly so the lord began doing things to get my attention, until i gave him a YES. Another thing, don't be stuck on nyour title because you must realize your title is only your job, so i always say, even if no one ever calls me Evangelist, I know who i am in God, Where im at in God, and where he is taking me, and whenever i reach heaven there will be no Evangelists, only brothers and sisters in the Lord. A Evangelist is also a people person, dont care if you a low class, middle, or high class, they have a way of reaching the people like no other. When an Evangelist goes out, then he/she comes back to their local assembly, get pumped back up, and go out again, and this is a continuous cycle, and as the cycle goes on and on and on, you will go higher and higher in God. Hope this has helped you, God Bless.
Not to mention an Evangelist is one who makes a lifestyle of fasting, praying, and keeping EVERYTHING before God. You must stay on your face until the Lord moves. The bible says that things come quicker through fasting and praying. A true evangelist understands sacrafice as well. Be Blessed


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