Grace and peace be unto all ministries, it is very imperative for us to understand the concert of Church, Ministries and the work, for us to get more people into our ministries or churches, we must move from individual development into communities development.

When the church goes out to touch the communities, the community will want to abide where the church is that has touched their lives, can you imagine ministries and churches in communities and they are seeking for membership grow because we think they need God and to be established in the faith.

Nothing wrong, but that statement is partial corrects. Why? But if you look where this people are it is dirty, poverty, sickness, light inadequate, hungry and no good cloths etc, the first thing to get people into ministries is to touch their lives and environment, solve some communities problem, like traffic, market places disorder etc, especially in places like Africa. When we make life easy for the people in our communities, they find the church and fellow them.

Secondly, have a data base of all persons that ever come to church or ministry, send them monthly prophetic words or updates, birthday wishes via sms online, have a cake cut in church at the end of the month of all birthdays persons, marriage anniversary, etc and have pictures etc. Many are looking for love, so when they see a church where love is, to will not only come, but they will tell 5 other people. It is not bad preaching that makes people leave church, but is lack of love.

Thirdly, spend quality time to teach the workers or leaders about church growth, if you want growth teach the members, but explosive growth, teach the leaders.

Fourthly, Keep the prayer altar burning, Satan will do everything to discourage people not come to church, because that is where their blessings is, so spend time to pray for vision and make sure you partake of the Holy Communion as often as you can, REV.12:11 The blood speaks for his church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail.

Fifthly, it is not by works but by Grace, it is wise to labor in word and in doctrine to enter that rest, the word says we rest in grace and grow in grace. After you done all you know you can do, please know that if you can't see growth; know that God is proving to you that it is not by your works but my grace, understand this rest and smile.

Remember your father in the faith Abraham; he was not justified by works, but by grace. God told him, he gives him a child and he believe and then established the seal of righteousness which is covenant of grace then God made him a father of many nations.

So liken it to your ministry, it could be small now, only believe and God will bring the ministry to a place of growth and it will be a father of many other ministries.

Finally, never compare your ministry with another; remember this fifth month is month of Grace! Shalom Careca

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