I have prayed for new opportunities from God which would enlarge the territory in which I minister because i have really met very few Pastors here in my home area that are open to non-pastors coming to preach for them. Subsequently I have recieved a couple of invitations from pastors looking for new fellowship because they are not close or really connected to many of the older/Sr (years of ministry) pastors.
Now I know that one t of my assignments in Christ is to be used as a meeting/connection for pastors/preachers to meet.
Yet I am conflicted at this moment because though God is answering my prayer how do I discern if it is for me or How Some of you decide or realize if an opportunity is really for you?

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It is interesting to me that you would bring this up because God has been dealing with me for quite some time now on "OPPORTUNITY" as a preacher. Opportunity can be a dangerous thing because a lot of times preachers are so quick to take an engagement fust because it gives them a chance to preach. We, as minister's of the gospel have to be sensitive to the Spirit of God. Just because we get an invitation to preach does not mean we are to accept. I find that a lot of times we hurt our own ministry because we are so eager to take every opportunity handed to us that we fail to hear God. God could be calling us one way but because we are so hungry to preach we go in the opposite direction thinking well this must be God because that is what He called me to do. We have to understand that before God called us behind a podium or in a pulpit, He called us out of darkness into the marvelous light. That's another message, sorry for all that I got caught up. Hope this helps. God bless.
Now Bruh ...you know many folks would have left the church if their pastor told them that. Our egos often tell us that pastors are intimidated by us, are trying to hold us back, or are trying to control us. We have to know that before God called us, He already prepared a people for us (or there would be no need for us in the first place). Our call is but one of the many ways that the Sovereign God uses to solve a problem among His people. Before time, he saw the need and the problem, and purposed that some one would be a corrective for that problem...it is actually THAT which called us. So the people were created for us long before we were ever aware of a call. This is where I put my confidence.

I appreciate your honesty here Rev. Luckett. This is one of the reason I took down my MySpace page...I wasn't doing much networking to amount to anything...it was poor use of my time....while I did meet some terrific people out in cyberspace, my main motive was exposure. Plus, my MAMMA said she wasn't feeling it--ROFL!!! Another Bishp suggested I put myself out there and catch up with the technology, and set up my page for me. It is for some, but at this particular time, it is not the audience for me. While people can't call you if they have no exposure to you--we do have to be careful about our motives. When I went to check out the MySpace and FaceBook pages of my leader and mentors--they had NONE....so I followed the leader.

You said a mouth full Rev. Luckett
AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN. When I served under my pastor, and late bishop, it was nothing for them to tell me I couldn't go preach somewhere because they or the church had an engagement (or I just wasn't ready). Did I shut it down--you betta believe it. I wasn't going out there among wolves uncovered and out of order--No Suh!!!!

Most of us preachers under that ministry didn't even visit a lot of churches if our leaders did not approve of them because you dont know WHAT you're eating if you eat from every body's table. You're right--there may be a reason your pastor or bishop doesn't fellowship with certain ministries. If I can't trust my leader's Holy Ghost and ability to lead me--- even in ministry---then I also do not trust the God who I claimed sent me there.

This is good stuff Luckett (:

Thank God you are actually being PASTORED Rev. Luckett. This is truly a blessing to your life and ministry. Whoever signs your license to preach certainly ought have jurisdiction over it.
Its extremly important to pray before going out because you don't know what you will come up against once you get there. The enemy is very slick, but if you're pray before accepting these engagements then you wont have to worry about trying to figure out if its for you. I had once prayed before accepting an engagement and God said Dont Go Its A SetUp, and after finding out what happened in the service i found out that it wasn't for me, so im glad was sensitive to the holyghost to know not to move.
I think the best thing to do is just seek God and make sure that he would have you to go there. As an Associate Minister I always talk to my Pastor about an assignment before I give the ok to speak at another church. Your Pastor will give you good advice about accepting other assignments. My Pastor feels good about us getting assignments and most of the time he gives us his approval because he tells us if you take the time to prepare a message God will give you a place to preach it whether it is at home or abroad. The key is to always keep yourself in the right relationship God and make sure you are always ready to preach because we are suppose to be ready in season as well as out of season.
"Many are called, but few are chosen," were the immortal words of Christ Jesus. We live in an age where the church has become very competitive unfortunately. If one is not careful, it is easy to think that your ministry is not prospering or effective unless you have a great following or are getting an abundance of "OPPORTUNTIES" to preach.

If you are a Pastor, first you must understand that all ground is not good ground. There are many who are Warlocks, and Witches who are simply looking to drain your anointing. Every opportunity is not an opportunity from God, although on the outside, it seem profitable.

If you are an associate minister, the best thing you can do is follow the lead of your pastor. I hear many ministers complain that they feel thier local pastor is holding them back because He/She does not always allow them to preach out. But there are a number of factors that go into this, speaking as a pastor myself:

1. Are you faithful to the local house first and foremost in attendance?
2. Are you faithful in your tithes and offering, or whatever the standard of the local house is?
3. Are you accountable to your Pastor when called upon?
4. Is your house in order? If you are a HUSBAND, is there a manifestation that you are ruling over your house well? If you are a WIFE, are you submissive to your husband, not contentious, but virtueous?
5. Do both KNOW and UNDERSTAND the vision of your pastor, and know His/Her heart?

If if you have a positive response to most of the above, perhaps if you are an infant in ministry, your patsor may need to see more develpoment from you. It is hard to go to a church that is in great need of deliverance, but you are lacking in your prayer life, as only your pastor would know.

There are many factors to consider. Allow God to elevate you and to open the door, for when He does it, you can never fail.
WORD...thanks for sharing the wisdom Bishop.
Now Bishop, you know you done opened up a can of worms.....LOL...you lifted up some very good points in your list of things to consider. Well said....particularly about being submitted to one's local pastor. I would add that if one is a senior pastor who submits to headship--these most these items you list should be considered as well.

I believe Preacher, If God opens a door for ministry, walk into it!
The Scripture says be ready to give an answer.
In these Last days, we have to go into the Highways and Hedges and Preach this WORD! and if a Pastor opens a Door, Declare your position in Christ! I understand we must be careful. and yes being faithful to your home church is Vital, how ever,
I will say this and may make some people Upset....But! I have never seen in my whole saved life! Saints afraid to Step into to the Fire, to face the enemy! Stop being scared! Be about the Father's Business!
Preach the exceptional year of the Lord! and get souls Saved and Delivered!
Here is one thing! ASK GOD clearly! any door opened give me..a sign and. lay a flees.. ( That flees only you and the Father will know! )
And then GO MAN GO!

This is Just one man's Thoughts..
Your Brother
His Servant
Elder C M.Pratt
WaterBoy 4 Jesus
My Brother in Christ:

Greetings in Jesus Name.

Please my Brother, do the following:

1. Please Pray.
2. Please Wait.
3. Please be sure you are in line with the vision and mission of your Pastor (your covering), and make sure you clear all your opportunites for ministry inside and outside of your home church with your Pastor.

If these things are not being done or followed, God will not expand any territory.

Much Love and Abundant Blessings,

Pastor Norman W. Scott
Amen And Amen again
Well the only pattern we can follow is the word. Did any of the Apostles agonize in prayer about preaching? they turned every opportunity into an engadgement. The reason they did so was because they understood the call on their life. to Go into all the world. First if the egadgement is not your call then dont accept because it does not fit. In other words if they invite you to a miracle crusade and miracles are not following your ministry this may not fit. if its an opportunity for you to flow in what God has called you to then why are you praying? In Exodus 14 Moses was praying and God said Why are you crying to me Speak to the people and tell them to move forward. Moses was praying and Gods answer to him was the word is in your mouth and the rod is in your hand use them. I encourage you to learn and know your calling and once you know it; walk in it. If you are under a Pastor Submit to his authority, support the Vision that you are a part of . Be faithful to the house of God where you are serving. Give your tithes God wont bless a robber. If your leader is anointed that anointing will fall on you and doors will open.


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