How different would this year's election season have been viewed had Mike Huckabee (Baptist Preacher) been Obama's opponent? How would you as a believer in Christ possibly look at the race?

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would of still voted bible
For me it would have made a difference. I am voting for Obama basically because I do not like Mccain or his platform. His platform is not a traditional republican one. As a Pastor many of my views lean toward a party that does not always have my best interst at heart but supports my believe system. Huckabee is who I voted for in the primary so he would have received my support hands down. I think many are voting for Obama based on race not views or values however I do think he is the best candidate in this race.
There is only one person who could potentially be the chief executive of this country in the next four years that stands clearly against a national policy that calls the murder of babies within a mother's womb illegal. That person is Sarah Palin. I do not understand how anyone who wants to align themselves up with the God of the Hebrews, the God of the Bible, the Messiah, Jesus Christ can agree with and caste their precious vote for a man of any race or ethnic origin who has clearly and unequivocally sworn himself to make abortion not only legal in all its forms (including partial birth abortions) but also have them funded by the people of the united states on demand.

This is in the platform of the Democrats and Obama is in complete agreement with this platform.
My God is forever and constantly looking out for the orphans,the widows, the infirmed, the captives and the weak. I cannot think of a more helpless situation than a baby who has been sentenced to death by its own mother BEFORE it is even born. To vote for a man (or woman) who not only wants to condone this act of murder but also wants to make sure it is funded by "We the People" authority and monetary resources is unconscionable.
Plane and simple.
Get off your "race card". I can tell you that race matters not to me, but rather "Who is for the Lord"

Who is for the Lord - this issue created the Levitical Priesthood. This issue was more important than family ties and relationships.

I too do not agree with McCain on many issues, but He will not abandon our troops and he is willing to appoint an actual "believer" to the Vice President's office.
Enough said,
Be Blessed, Tom Marxen
So because he is pro-choice and NOT pro-abortion, we should vote for someone who has affairs and then marries the woman with whom he had the affair? Or who picks a vice-president who not only has had an affair, but can't control her own house and quite frankly probably can't spell house?
The difference between "pro-choice" and "pro-abortion" is?...

Now it is interesting that there was a man in the Bible who had an affair, had the husband of this woman murdered and then married the woman. These sinful acts cost him dearly (as they should), and those issues were not resolved for several years, yet He remained the King (national leader) of Israel and is known to this day as "a man after God's own heart" This man is David the great worshiper, slayer of Goliath and (fornicator with Bathsheba). It is interesting as well that their second son was Soloman who built the great temple in Jerusalem and authored much of the Proverbs.....go fugure?
My point here is not to excuse anybody's sin either past or present. It is not to say something like "Well David did it and it turned out OK so its not really a big thing to have sex outside of marriage."

But I do believe that it is different from having as a national policy that we PROMOTE acts of murder and the like.

As far as your comments on Sarah, I am surprised by your virulent hate for her.
"she can't spell house", really now what is that all about?
Just being overly about some of the stupid things she says.

Pro-choice means allowing someone to make own choices even if you disagree, which Obama has stated that he does disagree with abortion, but feels that people should be able to make their own choices.
I would like to say that I am a christian and I do not believe in getting an abortion; but I do believe that the mother should have a choice. Our God is not a tyrant. He allows us to make the choice to serve him or not. As a woman I do not feel that anyone, other than my husband has a right to tell me what to or not to do with my body. The bottom line is that if the baby is unwanted, the mother may have it and abandon it, or abuse it and what does that accomplish? There are far too many babies now that need loving homes. I do not agree with murder, I teach abstinence; and I would sincerely try to persuade a mother to keep her child and not abort it, at the very least give it up for adoption, but it is ultimately her CHOICE. I voted for Obama /Biden because I felt they had proven to be a superior candidates than McCain and /Palin. Palin kept winking trying to be cute and McCain was proven to be a liar.
hear hear sister!! i could not have said it better myself!!!
Can you imagine the number of people who did not vote for Obama because of race. Could it really be that God raised up a leader that he can use regardless of his belief system or yours?
I really don't think religion have a place in politics, the President has to uphold the Constitution, the Constitution which has a strict separation of church and state was build on law. Religion is based on faith in a savior, spiritual faith, rather than logic. The First Amendment of our Constitution is based on logic.The Constitution declares that, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." I understand why a lot of Churches backed Mike Huckabee, the IRS discovered nearly five dozen churches and charities that violated laws against political activities, and there are now 40 or more active investigations into the politicking of various churches.

When I voted for President Obama my vote was based on his agenda. President Obama is not soft on foreign policy but his main focus will be the American economy, the American people. I respect McCain & Mike Huckabee, but their agenda was the same as the last administration mismanagement, wast & abuse of American tax dollars for government contract groups which the Republican party have a "BIG" investment in. Do you think they would fair well against Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, China & Russia? If McCain had won we would be talking about going into Iran with a thin military, of course if McCain had won Mr. Steele wouldn't be chairman of the RNC Ha! Ha! Ha!. And what about Russia chess move? Would McCain or Huckabee talk about abandoning a missile defense system proposed under the Bush administration at Russia front door, that dispute by Bush help bring the United States & Russia relations to the lowest point since the break-up of the Soviet Union. Now Russia is back doing business with Cuba, their trying to restore their intelligence cooperation with Havana, and to resume limited military cooperation & refueling stops for aircraft and warships & possible oil exploration off Cuba. Do you think this country could take 12 years of a republican ran office? Could we stand-up against other nations with a thin military in Iraq, Iran & Afghanistan? other countries would smell blood in the water. With a weak economy & growing weaker by the day Banks need a bailout, some folks are against the housing & auto bailout, but they need it, the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, some are questioning, with good reason, the way some States are going to spend their Stimulus money. ect. ect. ect.. There is no time to speak about a hypothetical situation bring this back up in 4 years bro.. Let's move forward with President Obama and work for a better America.

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith
I do not see how anyone who professes to believe in Christ could possibly vote for Obama. He violates every scripture Christ came to fullfill. A world who does not profess to believe in Christ may find their comfort in voting for Obama, but God WILL NOT hold those who profess Christ blameless in what will be unleashed if this man becomes President. Opportunity DOES NOT imply PERMISSION and economic comfort will never replace TRUTH.

CLICK HERE... this video says is alot better than I can...


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