How different would this year's election season have been viewed had Mike Huckabee (Baptist Preacher) been Obama's opponent? How would you as a believer in Christ possibly look at the race?

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Hello, MYBY (if I may keep it short), you wrote to mufuart: "looking for a church means what?? Nothing...The evil goes to church every do not need to be berated you need your eyes opened.."

mufuart here again: sure, there are some radicals, but the Obamas do not act like radicals, and the fact that they are looking for a church instead of a mosque is huge important. Christians go to church, Islamics go to the mosque, and Bhuddists go to temple. For instance, as a Christian myself, I would not THINK of going regularly to a mosque. I've been to Islamic countries and I've read the Quran. The Obamas are looking for a church in Washington D.C. because they are CHRISTIANS. Now how strong and active their Christian faith is in their family, they have not confided in me, and they probably also have not confided how strong their Christian faith is, to you MYBY, have they, thus far? love, arthur Be blessed all you Christians.
HUCKABEE ALL THE WAY!! I need a minister of GOD at the helm of this ship, not a fake! 1st SAMUEL 8 and HOSEA 8 were in affect in this election.
Hello Pastor, you asked, "how would I as believer in Christ look at the race?" I would have voted for Obama who is also a believer in Christ as well as his wife and family. I would not have voted for Huckabee or any Republican claiming to be the 'voice of God' for they have shown that they are not. I voted for Obama because he spoke the truth with regard to the economic, political, etc. ills that are upon us as a nation. I do not find that Huckabee or any of the so-called Christian right mouthpieces speak the truth.
They have spoken in a spirit of 'hate and divisiness' so much so that the U.S has become a house divided and as you know a house divided cannot stand. Hence, we have fallen as a nation and prior to Obama was hated worldwide because of the arrogant, defiant, ruthless, racist conduct of the Bush administration.
Bottom line, every one who says, "Lord, Lord" is NOT the voice of God, rather they are a wolf in sheep's clothing. I have found this to be the case with the so-called Christian Right mouthpieces who lifted up Bush and hurled 'hate and divisiveness' at the Democrats, Middle Class, poor, and all the ethnic groups who are not like them. It is appalling.
I believe God raised up Obama to unite America that it might once again flourish. As such, I had no other choice, and was honored to cast my vote for President Barack Obama. Let's daily lift this dear man up to God praying for his safety, and definitely praying the mantle of God to envelop him and give him wisdom, skill, favor and strength to bring America out of the depres
sion that the Republicans put us all in.
No Southern Baptist would get many votes from our church(which means Huckabee would get zero love here). Obama on the other hand got many votes because he is just like us(East African). Most of us dont agree with his support of Israel or abortion though
Barak Obama shows little to no support of Israel, and his FIRST act as president was to allow abortions worldwide using US tax dollars. Obama has proven to be a false Christian already! Has any of you actually sat down and listened to or read Huckabee's views?
Well what has israel done to deserve support? The real jews dont even have any representation there(they are in a constant state of apartheid thanks to the zionistic khazars who are running it)

There are a million reasons for a christian not to like Obama, but not supporting those zionists who run israel right now is not one of them.
Explain your position, because you're saying don't support them, when it is prophesied in the Bible that people will turn away from them in the end. It sounds like you're leaning on that part of prophesy.
The prophecy would be revealed if they were the true jews. Those khazars are not the real jews, and are imposters
Did you know that some of the 12 tribes were scattered as far as Japan? It would be unfair to say who exactly is an impostor without ample proof.
See Trevor, there is plenty of proof that those in Israel today are Ashkenazi Jews meaning Caucasion as in Genesis 10 from Japheth. The Khazars were a warring people that changed their beliefs because they like the idea that the real Jews had on God. They looked at Muslims, Jews and others but the King of them (Turks) made it so they had to convert and started calling themselves Jew. It's history and fact. Look it up and don't be fooled. They came from a land between the Caspian and Black Seas known as Caucasus (spelling probably wrong). That land became known as Germany also I believe, I'd have to look at my studies. Also the Vatican had something to do with them going there to lay claim to the land thinking they could steal a birth right and that won't happen. Now if you want to believe that Shem was white/caucasion then go right ahead. Remember all Isrealites are Hebrew but not all are Jews. Only the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin of Jerusalem are considered Jews and not the 10 tribes of Israel when Israel was split in to two regions.
John, I never said or believed that all Israelites were white. I am also fully aware of who the Jews are.

The truth is that, originally, Hebrews were brown, to dark skin. Since ALL of the tribes are scattered in the world, and they have intermarried with MANY cultures.... then who's to debate on whether or not THEY are the true Israelites? We have Japanese Hebrews. In fact, why is it that the Japanese language & alphabet are similar to Hebrew language and alphabet? You follow me?

The Lemba tribe of southern Africa have been DNA proved to be of the tribe of Levi. So, thats interesting to see.


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