How different would this year's election season have been viewed had Mike Huckabee (Baptist Preacher) been Obama's opponent? How would you as a believer in Christ possibly look at the race?

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I know what you are saying and trying to say James. When strong evidence is there then you can safely debate on something. You said it yourself if they mixed then how can they be the true Israelites? When one says I'm an Ashkenazi/Khazarian Jew then facts show from whence they came and how they became what their claim is. You can't make a Turk a Hebrew just because they say they are. We don't see Japanese, Chinese, Lemba tribe memebers going to Israel making claims (not yet). Maybe it's because that inner calling hasn't happened yet! Just saying. What I'm talking about is just because one is there doesn't make them the ones. If I'm not something then me just claiming to be won't make me one either. Do you follow me? Let's all just try to be realistic about what is being talked about. I truly understand that there are mixtures but I also understand that there are under handed things that go on in the world and not everything that is taught is truth nor said makes it truth. If you've never done study on Ashkenaz or Khazar then you should. Now you, who always say study Hebrew culture should understand this. In the beginning God even told them not to mix but they did and we understand it was because the Hebrew would start with pagan idols and worshipping other gods. NOw what you said in your first sentence is what I've asked and talked about. If their skin was brown to dark then you tell me about white skinned Jews ONLY in Israel. Then why they are so racists about those Sephardim and Ethiopian Jews that come there and want the world to think that only white skinned Jews are the real thing! That's all I'm saying and nothing else. Can we look at facts or are we all too afraid to speak about this because it's in Israel?

Its been proven that the Lemba tribe are of Levi. They are fighting to be recognized. Quite honestly, they are, to my knowledge, THE ONLY DNA TESTED PEOPLE that claim to be true Israelites. Am I saying are the Hebrews in Israel now are not true Israelites? No, im not, but to my knowledge, the Lemba people are the only DNA tested ones that ARE indeed Israelites.
Well I could put my belief that the Lemba tribe are Hebrew before I could those there now and I don't mind stepping out on a limb from what I've seen in research that those there now more than likely are not.

If they are of Hebrew stock, then they have the right to claim their Jewish heritage.
I can go along with this also but I will stick with the findings that are known about those there now. Thanks James. Now on another note you been doing any real estate?

I am gathering all the knowledge I can. Right now im trying to figure out where to get information to do apartment analysis, and when you put buildings in LCC's, trusts, etc.

You said:

You said it yourself if they mixed then how can they be the true Israelites?

I believe you twisted my words. Lets read again.. The truth is that, originally, Hebrews were brown, to dark skin. Since ALL of the tribes are scattered in the world, and they have intermarried with MANY cultures.... then who's to debate on whether or not THEY are the true Israelites?
Sorry if you think I twisted your words. But if the original Hebrews were brown to dark skin and you said they all have intermarried (mixed) with many cultures....then how can those that are white there now be true Israelites? I'm not getting what's hard to understand about that to debate it.

Let me ask this, can we in America say we are true Africans since Africans have intermarried (raped even) by many cultures or is that too not debateable as to whether or not we are true Africans.

I think common sense would say that if you are of the blood of your ancient ancestors, then how could you NOT be true? If spanish jews are truly of the tribe of Judah, then they ARE truly Jewish, at least in your blood. Yeshua had gentiles within his lineage. Caleb was NOT a Hebrew lol. So, If you are of the stock of Israel, then you are israeli.
I go with that and I know that Rahab was Canaanite but what I'm talking about are those there now that are from the Khazars/Ashkenazi. Please just because they say they are Jews doesn't make them that is all I've been saying. If you feel because they are there and Israel was made a nation in 1948 that they are the Jews/Hebrew then you have that right to feel that way. I know that man is a liar and my research says somebody is lying. lol
The nation of Israel was scattered across the 4 corners of the Earth. To properly calculate exactly where they landed with the limited info we have (which needs updating) is quite frankly IMPOSSIBLE.

Its not impossible at all to know where they may have went. We have TONS of leads as to where they went, and are currently. It all comes down to DNA evidence.


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