How different would this year's election season have been viewed had Mike Huckabee (Baptist Preacher) been Obama's opponent? How would you as a believer in Christ possibly look at the race?

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I think it would have made a great difference for both sides. First of all I believe that God has America in his hands, and nothing can be except he allows it. He is the one that takes one down and places another up. Man really has no control, God has the final say. Also, either way it goes..looking at the Republican there is a compromise with the standard of God. Republican's are filled w/ greed, Democrats are full of idolatry..same sex marriage, abortions and etc. Regardless of who one voted for...there was still a level of compromise. I refuse to be part of any of it. However, if I had the choice of Obama and Huckabee, it would have by chance been Huckabee, simply because I have heard good things regarding his character and faith.
Man can only go as far as God allows, True man does what is right in his own eyes..HOWEVER God does have the final say.
Well said!
I can honestly say the results would have been very heated. I personally know Huckabee having worked with him in Arkansas on several projects and used to attend a church he pastored in Arkansas. I would have voted for him because I know he is bipartisan and conservative which is what I am. As a minister, I would have encouraged others to do the same based on scripture, values and policies alone.

The reality perhaps would be that race would have still played a major role and prompted many persons of color to vote for Obama. Although Huckabee is conservative in values, government and fiscal matters, he would have come across as a preacher who is intolerant and perhaps even (dare I say) racist simply because of those views. Black Americans have become irrelevant in liberalism's quest for control of government and social arenas. We would have succumbed to the schemes of the enemy and become pawns in the future socialistic and liberally godless direction of this country.
I still would have voted for Obama. What, is he not a Christian? I think he is. He's said as much. Doesn't look or sound like a Chriatian in some respects, but neither do a lot of us, in other respects. Certainly, he's not a firmly grounded one, but that can change over time. He can grow in faith and understanding about what God requires and why. Let's keep pressing in and lifting him up to God.
All this Huckabee and Obama and McCain stuff is still about men's traditions and not God's. This is man's government and not God's government. Man has been against God for ions and wanting to form his own government and not follow God in His government. Sometimes we can't tell the difference in a Christian and a non Christian because we act the same! Be honest most voted because they wanted to see a Black man in office no matter what excuse is used. We're all ready to cast that stone but live in glass houses our selves. Sorry I dont' know who Huckabee is and didn't hear of Obama until it got down to who was going to be nominated for Democrats and Republicans. I pretty much try to stay away from the whole political arena because no matter what color or whatever I personally don't trust any of them and I'm certainly not going to follow any of them. I have to take what comes my way because I'm born and raised here. I do understand that politicians don't run this country and know that there are secret societies that do but as He said all things in the dark will come to the light and it is happening my brothers and sisters. I have to agree with Brother Moreh, we as MAN do control our selves because God gave us freedom of choice unlike any other creation. It's our choice for what happens to us. God is in control of all things but gave satan control of the world and us control of our selves to chose between satan and God. We can go with the I"m for Black this or White this or Brown this or Red this and so on but that doesn't mean nothing in the scheme of God's Plan because we're all related and don't realize it but say we're Christians (followers of Christ). From the great flood there were only eight people and seven of them because of one was saved. Where do you think we all came from? How did we get so twisted with all the color issues, could satan have something to do with that? It certainly doesn't sound Godly to me but then what do I know?
One thing we must remember, we are to pray for those in authority over us (1Tim 2:1-5). We are suppose to do this all the time. The bible also talks about complaining and gossip. Some of this stuff sounds like gossip. No where in the early church do you hear about the government. Their focus was getting the gospel out. They took it to the streets and to peoples homes.That is the way we bring about change. Get someone born again and they might not have and abortion. Ask yourself, how many people have you brought into the Kingdom this year outside the church walls? God sets in place the powers that be. Our focus is to pray for them and witness to them.
I would like to say that I am a christian and I do not believe in getting an abortion; but I do believe that the mother should have a choice. Our God is not a tyrant. He allows us to make the choice to serve him or not. As a woman I do not feel that anyone, other than my husband has a right to tell me what to or not to do with my body. The bottom line is that if the baby is unwanted, the mother may have it and abandon it, or abuse it and what does that accomplish? There are far too many babies now that need loving homes. I do not agree with murder, I teach abstinence; and I would sincerely try to persuade a mother to keep her child and not abort it, at the very least give it up for adoption, but it is ultimately her CHOICE. I voted for Obama /Biden because I felt they had proven to be a superior candidates than McCain and /Palin. Palin kept winking trying to be cute and McCain was proven to be a liar.
Hello sir, in reply to yor comment, "Yahweh has NO TOLERANCE for those who disobey his laws." Well, truth be told, Your Yahweh may not have tolerance but Yahshua does. The fact is, God is a merciful God. So merciful is He, that according to Scripture, "He is married to the backslider."
Now for sure, there are consequences to sin. If you sin, you will die in your corrupt ways and all the consequences of any given sin will come upon you. Even there, if a man/woman cries out God will ahve mercy.
As for Obama, every African/American should be proud of this man who represents the ultimate dream of overcoming. Some of us never stopped praying for victory and now that it is here in the person of Obama, it is shameful that a few African/Americans are bred to 'curse' and not 'bless' him and all that he represents for a people whose ancestors came over here shackled.
Some say, well Obama's heritage was such that his father was not enslaved and his mother was Caucasian. However, the fact is, he is 'black, African/American' having suffered the same fate as any black man living in America. Not to mention the fact that God used this wonderful bi-racial heritage African/American man to lift up the black woman in the form of his wife. For sure, Michelle is the embodiment of God recognizing and elevating black women to heights unknown.
It is sad that some blacks cannot see the victory or rather curse the light and enjoy staying in darkness. Principalities of hate and divisiness toward African/Americans were broken when Obama was lifted up. That is the spiritual significance of this African/American President taking the helms of powers.
Again, it is sad that some blacks have been blinded to this powerful spiritual truth. They've once again been hoodwinked by the so-called Christian Right's lies and deceptions. Poor things, poor, deluded souls.'
Please wake up and acknowledge this truth.
Hahahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahaha! I know I'm not laughing!'>>
Berate me if you will, but I love Obama. What a brilliant man, very eloquent, the man of the hour, and take note please, he is looking for a ... (are you sitting down), the Obamas searched for a church, and not a mosque. love, arthur h.


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