How different would this year's election season have been viewed had Mike Huckabee (Baptist Preacher) been Obama's opponent? How would you as a believer in Christ possibly look at the race?

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I left the words "which need updating" in there for that very reason, Bro. Pierce. My statement meant "I know its not impossible, but if you use out of date info, then it is."

Its not out of date. This is RECENT information. I am not sure if you watch NAT-GEO, or actually research this for yourself. Is it even your interest??
If it weren't, I wouldn't be talking about it at all
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obama had no opponent....what opposition did he face none...
the table set long before most people even heard of obama...
the mason prepare far in advance...and the only opposition the demoncracy faces is from other demons...
considering the other side of the demons conceded before the competition ever started....
one demon for another is not much difference....
Jah instruct us to identify demoncratic structure less we be accused of being Flase Prophets---
anyone who accepts the rule of demoncarcy (demon states) is not of Jah.
I would choose any leader on their ability to lead and not on their religion.  Some of the worst leaders I know are believers in CHrist

WHAT!?!?!?! I know his is old but I need to add something.  There was no way a Republican was going to win after the 8 year disaster known as the Bush W Administration.  The Democrats were going to win know matter who they put up and in turn the Repobicans were going to loose no matter their person. List last election was the same. Actually Obama was on the fast tract to loose but the Republicans just proved themselves to be more of the same--only worse!  They beat themselves and will continue to do so until they get with the times.  BTW it is a travesty what Alois Bell did and even worse that she is concerned with only her embarassment and that of her joke congregation--I can almost unterstand being upsaet over an auto-tip--but the coment she left was insulting and degrading to someone at the bottom of our economic system--and is also insulting to those of us not part of her losser group.  The fact that she got the woman fired is absolutly the worst and this BPN group thing has any decency they will take action against her and do everything they can to get Chelsea her job back.


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