My brothers and sisters. Is it okay with you for your spouse to have a secret life on the web, text messaging, mobile to mobile calling? Some individuals, believe its ok to have a secret life on the web, text messgaing or mobile to mobile calling. What do you believe? I know what the bible says and so do the individuals in question. What is your opinion?

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No to all of the above!
I agree.
Many men and women have married but yet still lives,"single" in the eyes of the Lord. what do you say to an individual who knows the word, but will not obey. I can only continue to pray. Thanks.
Adultery in any form is wrong and dangerous God sees all things and in the end it turns out bad. When you think your hiding it from MAN there is always exposure people must be careful not to get caught up and drawn into such things God will Judge as always.
This individual believes its okay to live a secret life apart from the plan of God for his life. He expects his family to remain in place, while he pursues the lust of his fresh. It's difficult to counsel this individual because he believes he is justified for having a mistress. He knows the word of God, but choses to go after his worldly desires. I can only pray for him.
You know Pastor Sherry my ex-husband DID the same thing to me. He thought it was OK to have God and his cake too. Now he don't Got me or God but his Mistress and his life has went down the tubes I don't hear much about him anymore but what I last know he was not doing well doesn't have a steady roof over his head. The pain of this kind of game is the worst you can experience in a marriage please tell him for me stop while he can because there are just somethings you can never take back!!!
Unfortunately, he will reap what he has sown. When men and women dishonor God before their spouses and children, it send a bad message to the family. I have learned to trust the word of God in all situations. Many people dont fear God until, he sends the rain and storms into their lives. Thanks for response. You look great!
Pastor you are so right about that i wish more people can realize you CAN NOT play with God his commandments are real and rings true and when you disobey God then there's no have to but must pay the penalty of what you sowed. It's so sad to see that many are living contrary to the word making up their own rules and thinking GRACE and MERCY will cover them well that's not true when you know the Good to do and don't do it the cost is so much worst. Every time a person keeps willful sinning they are putting Jesus on the cross all over again but now there is not more blood to be shed he has done away with sin a long time ago. I pray this person wakes up before it's to late. By the way thanks Girl all that fire i gone through produced
Praise God. Be praying with me because I want to build God a house for worship. I saw the blueprints and design. Now I need 2 million dollars and some visionaries to stand with me. I know what God has called me to do amd I must continue inspite of trials. I'm praying for willing workers in Denton County and throughout the metroplex to hear from God and join me in ministry. God bless you,Tara. Here is my number call me 972 347 6891.
Absolutely. We know many are drawn away and enticed because of a lustful appetite. Many ministers of the Gospel allow others to entice and take tjem out of the will of God. Then they claim the devil made me do it. What a lie. We as men and women of God must have integrity and live in the spirit realm. Not giving room to our flesh. Thanks for input
Elder. We both know the word of God is the only true authority upon which we may govern our lives. The wages of sin is death for all who fail to uphold the word of God. You have a bless day. Thanks for reply..


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