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A social commentary


We the ones who get beaten and battered

Screaming out injustices as loud and clearly

But it’s what I saw that’s not clear to me,

Is why this man is suppressed with a knee in his neck?

And since the last time I checked,

The glory days of the South shown in black and white

Has turned into a shade of gray and seeing what’s not right,

Even in 2020 where injustices are being displayed

Hashed out and served to those flee bitten dogs as they lay,

On the neck of another Black man taking away his hopes

His dreams, his ambitions and now he has to cope

With this dream crusher in a blue uniform.

Now, where’s your hooded suits you put away long ago?

Where’s the love in your soul?

Or your heart is beating out hate

While another Black Male dies until it’s too late?

Where is your hooded suit you hide in shame?

Thinking every Black man has a target on his back and not knowing their name.

How dare you ignore the fact of this crime,

Looking for a way to give more time

To kill another Black male

Or suffering them off to die in jail

With no justice or promise of peace,

In the meantime, crime of our men increases.

I speak in anger and in concern

Of this injustice crime being brought and we learn,

That another Black male will die tonight

By the hands of a vicious cop under the street lights,

While another mother mourns

Of that was born,

In a cruel world where it’s a police state

Not a peaceful place where it might be too late.

And he spoke in a whisper to our souls,

“I can’t breathe” but no one else heard or being told

That he couldn’t breathe his truth to you and I

But instead, he dies....

All there was silence among us.

29 May 2020

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