We say it by faith when a door closes—“God has a better plan.”  In our disappointment, we cling to that.  We understand that His ways are higher than our ways; that His timing is perfect; and that He sees the end from the beginning.   And we know there’s no door He can’t open.  So if it’s closed, we trust that there’s a divine reason . . . even if we never gain insight as to the reason.  But oh, what joy when we do!

I’ve been thanking God a lot lately for a closed door.  This was a professional door I would’ve surely walked through.  This was a door dubbed “ministry” that would’ve seemed crazy not to walk through.  But ultimately, the choice wasn’t mine.  God closed it.  And this year has brought greater understanding as to why.

The door, had it opened, would’ve required more of my time—and more career time would’ve meant less family time.  I could’ve justified it (much too easy to do).  But as 2012 has progressed, it’s clear that God’s will is for me to spend more family time, certainly not less.  I would’ve been torn, frustrated, and stressed.  Or worse, I would’ve been too busy to even discern what was needful or where I was lacking.

God ways are higher than our ways.  He does know the end from the beginning.  When a door closes, it’s a mercy.  Thank Him.  He’s redirecting you elsewhere, and you can trust that it’s a better elsewhere.

Has God closed a door in your life lately?  Have you gained any insight as to the reason?  If not, have you thanked Him by faith?

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