I have been going around to a lot of ministries trying to get rid of a demon that has been troubleing me for two months. and everywhere I go either people act like they are scared to touch me for fear of the demon transfering to them.  Or they tell you to resist the devil and he will flee. Well I've been resisting and he aint left yet. And I thought this saying was refering to when your under temptation not demonization. Then there are those that say a Christian cant have demon, well paul had one and he said satan sent him.  So he had the holy spirit and a demon dwelling in him at the same time. The one in his flesh and the other in his spirit.  And all the saved people in church bound with addictions I can tell you from experiance Thats Demonic Activity.  Still others say that displacement is the answer. Just get more of Jesus and you will push the devil out. Or just remove the legal right and the devil has got to go. All these are valid forms of warfare.  But So Is the simple Laying on Of Hands and Casting Out Demons in The Name Of Jesus Christ.  

If somebody is being harassed by an evil spirit, I believe there is always a reason for it. What they are experiencing is the symptoms on the surface of an underlying spiritual problem. It could be as simple as a stronghold that the demon is using as a means to harass the person. There could be a legal right he's using as an excuse to trouble the person.The truth is, without the casting out of demons, a minister will turn away many who are oppressed without ministering complete freedom to them. They will walk away still oppressed and harassed when they could have been set free. Balanced deliverance ministering requires three key elements: the tearing down of strongholds, the breaking up of legal grounds and the casting out of demons. If you attempt the operate in a deliverance ministry and address only 1 or 2 of those areas, you will turn many away without completely setting them free. They may feel a change from your ministering, and some may be completely set free, but there will be those who will walk away still in a measure of bondage, and some that you will be unable to help at all. You wouldn't dare try to make a pizza with the dough and the sauce but omit the cheese, would you? You wouldn't attempt to use your computer with a keyboard and mouse but no monitor, would you? Why attempt to run a deliverance ministry and omit one of the three major areas where ministering is required? I believe it is important. Oh yeah I tried self deliverance but with limited success and temporary relief. I believe thats why Christ said to pray for Eachother and if any be sick call for the Elders of the church.  I believe in the Authority of the believer but I also believe that there are different levels of authority,diffrent levels of maturity, levels of abilities, and differing gifts in believers and are spread thoughout the body. When you have a need you need to seek help for your need fom the body not try and do it all yourself. If we could do it all Ourself we wouldnt need eachother. The disciples could not cast out a certain demon cause of there lack of faith. So there are different levels of faith as well. And now some of you are feeling a level of distaine at the thought of a believer not full of faith. But paul said to recieve him that is weak in faith not to reject him.   I just want to know where is the concern for those who are suffering at the hands of the enemy and when did we decide That its not really our concern.

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A lot of people have lost in touch with truly being New Testament believers and the New Testament church; many have forgotten the spiritual gifts-which, in the end, has an affect on many people.
Excellent commentary! I agree with you whole heartedly. We must allow the Holy spirit Guide us in this area, really all areas but espeacially this area. Because you are right some people are not functional without certain generational or should I say familiar spirits operating in there lives there whole personality is built around the behavior. I was reading psalms 119 he talks about being afflicted I belive by a demonic spirit much like saul the diffrence was david was repentent and sought God for deliverance where as Saul became agressive and self determined and exculded God in his persuite of freedom. HE didn't learn anything' but got worst. And it let me know sometimes God will use the enemy to discapline a wayward believer. i.e "turn this one over to satan for the desrtuction of the flesh that his soul might be saved at the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ." However this has nothing to do with demonic oppression and I believe that in these cases Jesus expelled the demons. And he said these sgns shall follow them that believe that in my name they shall cast out devils.
Thank you for your post.
iambless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
James. I suggest you read a book about the Christian,s deliverance from demonic oppression. A good book to read cover to cover is "The name of Jesus", by Kennith Hagin. Resisting the devil also means resisting his nature and his strongholds. Unforgiveness is something that can hinder your deliverance. First, you must pray to the Lord.Pray to the Father in Jesus name.God wants us to be delivered. Ask the Father for deliverance, in Jesus name. Ask The Father to show you any sins you need to repent of. Jesus says that His sheep hear His voice. Even if The lord rebukes you, you will know it is Him. What He tells you will not disagree with His word, The Bible.Ask The Father if there are any open doors you have let the devil slip into.I suggest you still read the book,"The name of Jesus.It talks about the authority we have in Jesus name to cast out demons. you have the authority to repent, act on God,s word, and verbally demand that demon to leave in Jesus name!
Amen...and Bro. James...remember the Word of God...as a man thinkth so is he. Remember, God is the Word, the world was formed by the Word and nothing was made without the Word. EVERYTHING is under the Word...and the Word was God. You must know the Word, Speak the Word and command the devil to flee, WITHOUT fear or doubt. You must stand on Gods Word and know that it is true and will deliver. Psalms 107:20 says "He sent His Word and healed them from ALL their destructions".....not some, but ALL. You must also CAST DOWN EVERY imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God...meaning, every thought and imagination...ANYTHING that tries to claim itself higher than the authority of God...Jesus said you have the power to tread on serpents...How can you not yourself command a evil spirit to flee...You must walk in that authority. Yes, the enemy will continue to pester, but that is his job...but Christ has over come EVERYTHING even the sting of death...so what can a demon do to you unless you fear and tremble, then you have no faith...and without faith you can not please God, because that is a sign that you don't believe and you MUST believe that He IS in order to accept Him. No one has to lay hand on another person except that person desire, but God has given us ALL power and much more if we stand on His Word. Fight demons is not something new...God warns us in His Word that we do not fight against flesh, He say resist the devil and he will flee...Just know that God's Word is TRUE and if He say He has given you power then you have the power, but you must not doubt God's Word or authority.

I agree with Sis. Lee, but fasting and prayer is to bring your flesh under obedience, it is a practice that one should do to encourage their flesh that one spirit has the ultimate control. When we accept Christ we have His spirit and with Christ WE CAN DO ALL THING who strenghtens us. Make no mistake that the enemy has the advantage...because Christ took it all to the cross...Amen Thank the Lord for His Power and command that demon to flee.

Now for someone laying hands on another person, sometimes people are not obedient to the Word and voice of God. Jesus say He was going to send a comforter, the Holy Spirit, which would lead and guide...People say they heard the Lord say this or that, but it is the Holy Spirit which He promised and when the Spirit of God gives an unction to a person to do something, they are disobedient, because of the fear of the flesh. The flesh is the stronghold...the flesh is what makes people disobedient, but if only they would follow the direction of the Holy Spirit the would have the victory and cast out demons left and right. See you asked this question, because you want someone else to do what Christ has already done for you....but I pray your strength in the Lord and that He will continue to lead and guide you and bind that spirit of fear and bring about a deliverance that you may be a witness to others...In Jesus' Precious and Holy Name...Amen

In Love, Sis. Denise


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