A recent bible study got me reminiscing about a realization I came to years ago. At the time I was really wrestling in my mind over a situation where I had taken a wrong course of action after misconstruing just how God intended to bring about something He had promised me. Because I had further muddled the situation when I put my hand in it, I was questioning whether I'd even imagined the promise. But I woke from my sleep one day, and was compelled to take a little bible tour to examine the faith of Abraham.

I looked at Gen. 15, where God Almighty wanted to commend and encourage Abram, and he just blew off that line of conversation... "Yeah, yeah, Lord, I know You're my shield and my great reward. But what about this child you promised me!" And the Father--so patient--drew him out of the tent to show him the heavenly panoply... assuring him that his seed would be uncountable, like the stars in the sky.

And all this Abram took in and accepted at God's word... and for this God reckoned him righteous! But isn't it interesting how Abram believed God, but hadn't a clue how it was going to happen! Some of us wag our proverbial fingers at him reading Chapter 16, because he accepted Sarai's suggestion that the promise might be accomplished through her handmaiden. And, truly, this was a misstep... it had negative repercussions in the short-term and over the generations. But it struck me that Abram believed Ishmael WAS the fulfillment of the promise... believed it until God set him straight years later (Chapter 17). His faith was strong, but he possessed it in real ignorance of God's plan.

Same thing with that incident on Mt. Moriah, when the Lord told him to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham, the father of faith, boldly declared to his servants that he and the boy were going up to worship and they'd both return! Yeah, the man had faith... but not a clue what was going to happen. The Book of Hebrews throws a light on how he reasoned that after the sacrifice, God would raise Isaac from the dead! He never imagined a ram in the bush! Strong on the faith, weak on the details.

Returning to my situation, the Holy Spirit ministered to my heart, "Why are you worried that you can't figure out how this promise is going to come to pass? We're talking about the One who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think." And it dawned on me that if I can think up how He might fulfill His promise, that couldn't be the way! That's how far His thoughts are above my own.

"O the depth and the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!"

But my ignorance won't hinder the blessing. If the seed of faith is sure, I don't need to know how it will come about. It was coming, even though I couldn't see how. It was going to blindside me. It was going to overtake me. It was going to come out of nowhere, and all I'd be able to say is "look at what God has done!"

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Sounds like you learned your lesson well. Okay, at least for this time.  LOLOL Now, if only I can hold on to it for myself!


Grace be unto you.

Amen, it is easy to forget sometimes in our excitement that Gods knowledge and reasoning far surpass all of our imagination, so instead of trying to second guess we might just hve to display some of that patience



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