I'm so sick and tired of you ignorant Christians in Jesus name.

Grace and Peace be unto you in the name of Jesus. I'm writing this message from the bottom of my heart. I have to let this out now in the name of Jesus. For the last couple of years I've been faithful to God. I suffered all my life. The worst pain I have ever experienced besides a tooth ache was being hurt by a Christian leader. I went inside churches looking for help. I was going through a battle that I couldn't understand.All I got is Malice, Strife and Rivalries. I was so sweet and Kind to them. I had a fire for God that only wanted to help.I even prayed for God to bless me with money to help them.I pay my tithes and did all possible. I was excited to be in church. They pushed me out the church. I started going from church to church and the same thing happened.I was crush because I thought we are suppose to help and love one another. I understand you may have been hurt but what about others who been hurt. I believe God put you in the position to help others get through what you been through.However, Christian are so jealous of one another that it's a shame.I'm hurting to say I have not found one honest church. I had sinners on the street treat me better than Christians. I know Muslims that have treated me better. I can hear the Lord saying they Lack understanding.We are suppose to lean on Gods understanding and not our owns.I decided to start my own ministry because of this.I once had a heart of Gold.They kept stabbing at my heart. I want God back like he use to be.I don't want you ignorant Christian that know nothing ruining it. Last Night I had a prayer conference and a rude Minister came on and asked if he can read a scripture. His word went into a teaching for over a hour. He was very rude. He didn't even ask if he can teach.He didn't say sorry or anything.It's people like him that I denounce and reject.I'm so sick and tired of it.I curse ever Christian that have ever hurt me.I pray God will take power from them .I thank God for all of their time.Dear christians please get it together.Some of you are not encouraging other.Your running people out the church and discouraging them.Your not a soul winner but a soul loser.Please wake up and stop killing your brother and sister. I pray Love will subdue you now in the name of Jesus.

Micah 6:8 (King James Version)

8He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

Dear God I bind the spirit of False leadership in the name of Jesus.I bind Jealousy in the church.I command The judgement of God to fall upon the Christians churches.I want God to put order back in the churches.May Christians start leading the way we are suppose to .I pray God will forgive us all and have mercy.May he give us all second chance to get it together.May he stop all the demonic attacks now in the name of Jesus.Amen

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I'm so upset with the behavior of God churches. I want you to love one another and help each other. Let's rejoice for one another.I bind up anything that's not like Christ.I expell every demon entering on this page in the name of Jesus.I bind the hand of the enemy now in Jesus name.Amen!
Christianity has been absent of the obedience of Yah for over 2000 years. This explains why there are "hypocrites in the church." In Christianity, you just may find the main gossipers, swingers, bad mouthers, etc. Divorce is 75% in the church. There's something wrong with this picture. It is because the law(Torah) of Yah is absent from Christianity. Unless Christians begin to walk in true obedience, you will continue to experience hypocritical Christians, and lawless Christians.
Yes, James because if she joins your religion there will be no hypocrites there and she wont find gossipers, swingers, bad mouthers or divorce there...

Dear Sister Romonia,
You do what is right - and be a light to those that are on the outside of the Church as well as on the inside.
I pray that you find the love of Christ in an assembly very soon.
I hope you find the love of Christ everywhere you turn.
Be encourged.
Romonia, I thank you for your honesty. I was a minister for many years until my denomination took me apart piece by piece. What was my crime? I took an inner city church in upstate NY and turned it around. I served less fortunate people than the big wigs of the NY district who drove around in their expensive company cars. Yet, none of them would ever venture into the inner city to see what God was doing.

What other crime was I guilty of committing? I had the arrogance to question the almighty god's of the NY district. I had the nerve to tell the big wigs that our church was not going to send the district our monthly support because our church family needed the monies to serve our neighborhood.

What did I get in return? A outright denial of ordination. A counseling session were the presbyter called me every name in the book. An accusation that I was psychology unstable, prone to outburst of anger and unfit to be a minister in the denomination. When all was said and done I agreed with the assessment and quit.

I am absolutely addicted to ministry. I am out of my mind because I have loved people the way Jesus would. I am angry at all the religious deceivers that occupy God's pulpits every Sunday and I am not ashamed to say it.

I will pray for you as often as I think of you.

Blessings and Bagels,
From a white brother with soul


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