Do you believe that the word God should stay in American culture?

NBC this morning had a poll on this question.. They had the highest Number of responses that they have ever had for one of their polls, and the Percentage was the same as this:

86% to keep the words, IN God We Trust and God in the Pledge of Allegiance
14% against

That is a pretty 'commanding' public response..


Now it is your turn. It is said that 86% of Americans believe the word God should stay.

Therefore, I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a mess about having 'In God We Trust' on our money and having God in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Why is the world catering to this 14%?

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Powers and principalities in high places
I don't know why they are other than what Evangelist has stated, however, I think if the 86% were willing to make as much noise as the 14% maybe we could overturn some of these wicked demands to eliminate our God. We are simply too docile & easily led or managed by our government. Most will sit on the sidelines as these new laws are passed.
The 14% are homosexuals, atheists, Masons, and everyone else who outright disregard the Bible, people that actually open their political mouths and have money that they spend on the nation's issues (good or bad), instead of shoes, cars, blood diamonds, and the like.

Foolishly, Christians think that they are not to get into political affairs, claiming "separation between Church and state." However, they do not know that the Church is literally the embassy for the Kingdom of GOD on Earth. We come against the Roman Catholic Church, yet we refuse to learn from our older brother in that they hold a seat within the U.N., and they are tax exempt within this nation WITHOUT having signed a 501(c)3 agreement (another shackle). The Church, literally by original definition, was a political term, not religious. Just look at the office of Apostle, the top office in the Church, under Christ Himself. Its no coincidence that this terms origin means "ambassador" and "envoy", not just "sent one".

Closed mouths don't get fed. We Christians are far too often numbered with the 86% who support GOD's purpose in this nation ONLY when one little poll is given.
Well, we must understand the Masonic intentions. One of their intentions is to have a country where all religions are free to worship. "In God we trust" stands for Islam, Christian, Deism, Theism, and Judaism. This country is run by the Masonic order.
Now THATS Babylonian!

You are so right. Thats exactly what Masons are. They practice this mystery religion that surely was born out of Babylon!
So what about us that use his Hebrew name not his greek?
NOW you're talkin Rev!
Daniel, more power to you if you speak HIS name in Hebrew. The key to GOD that I have learned is this however: though JESUS came in the flesh as the son of David, a son of Judah, HE is still the GOD of all nations and the creator of all tongues, not just the nation of Israel and Hebrew. Israel is not left out within this, but as Paul said, they are placed aside to 1) provoke them to jealousy and return to HIM, and 2) allow for the Gentiles to come to the Kingdom and knowledge of Almighty GOD. NO LANGUAGE has exclusive claim to GOD their creator, its the other way around.

It should be an honor to know that your name is pronounced in various other languages, and therefore has a beautiful meaning in each one. You and the rest of Israel are not exactly excluded, Daniel. Rather, we are and our languages. If this were not so, the NT wouldn't be written in Greek, now would it?
Well I have oppinions regarding Greek , lol
Finding our language is a good thing, yet in our languages we tend to hold fast to greek philosophy, when Yeshua was Hebrew.
When we explore scripture useing Hebrew mindset, some times new thoughts and ideas can flow, and for sure some things become clearer.
You may hold an issue with Greek, but the scriptures were written in it. Such reservations is to actually be prejudice against an entire culture/people.
Actgually no they were not , they were written in Aramaic and translated into Greek by Alexandrians.
I am not prejudice against any culture, or persons Thank you. I just happen know facts , ( although argumentivley my facts will be different than your facts.)


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