We all know about adultery and abandonment, but what about abuse. There are plenty of men who do not provide for their wives in terms of monetary support, we know of even preachers among us who regularly cheat on their wives, forbid them from having jobs, do not allow them to get their hair done. Are physically and mentally abusive. Should a woman or even a man stay in such a state or should he or she be able to walk away without feeling stigmatized?

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No , Col 3:19 gives us men a command to keep our hands to ourselves

But if we do not keep our hands to ourselves, and the wife is being beaten and mistreated, she is being denied basic support from her husband of whom Paul calls worse than an infidel for not supporting his wife (I Tim 5:8) so we as the church are saying "You gotta stay there and be the punching bag while praying"? You have to live as something less than a spouse even though your husband is cheating, and living like a king and denies you human decency. Is that the message we convey? Trying to be objective, but just curious.


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