"In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;" 1 Timothy 2:9.

Paul wrote this, and I see our world today getting worse and worse with the clothes they wear in public. Women are wearing tighter, shorter clothing and showing more and more skin. Have we let multi-media and fashion step over what the Bible teaches us about how we conduct ourselves when it comes to appearence? Has Lucifer tricked us into letting clothing get out of control? And what are we doing to fix this egregious oversight? Are we not aware of how much temptation this is to men? Are men aware of how much of a temptation it is to a woman to walk around without a shirt on?

Women have to understand how much men have to try to mortify lust with our eyes on a daily basis. Women have their vices with lust as well. Our society is become so secular, that Christians are dressing inappropriately with blind understanding. Victoria Secret is not just a secret of a man designing lingerie, but Lucifer's secret to making a society that lives by his deceit.

If we dress in a manner that is a temptation to the opposite sex, we are dressing offensive to God and his children. Christians need to set the example when it comes to this rapidly declining situation. We look negatively at the way Muslim women and men dress, but do they not dress the way people dressed in the times of Jesus? Fully clothed with a wrap over their hair. A man or woman shouldn't dress so that others can see the contours of their bodies. We have to be aware of what is Godly and what is not, what is worldly and what is heavenly.

"Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust." 2 Peter 1:4

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Brother, no one really wanted to deal with this subject which is why it has been overlooked. Most of the people in churches today dress the way you are describing. They don't wish to discuss it because then they would have to agree with the scriptures and that things have gotten out of hand. Today's church is so lukewarm that you better not get in their faces with talk about holy living. You just might get shot in the head. People would probably puke if they knew my little girls only wear dresses. We made this decision when my daughter was wearing some pants and a little boy sad to her, Hey booty cheeks. His eyes were drawn to her behind so we said this won't be happening again. Another time a little boy told my oldest daughter, Hey, baby got back. We as parents had to look at that and say that it is inappropriate for us to continue to put our daughters on display as little tools for boys and men. People in town always compliment our girls for how pretty they look in their dresses so what is wrong with that. We are allowing our children to dictate to us how they want to look, behave and dress and causing a lustful atmosphere right in our churches.
Christians for the most part DONT want to be examples as it relates to dress.
They say if one lusts at their scantilly clad bodies - it is of NO fault of their own - but the fault of the one who sees their naked flesh or the curves under their tight garments.

Let me tell you something - if Jesus or the holy apostles saw what so called holy ghost people wore to church - they would push them right out the door until they repented and came back dressed correctly.

Praise our Lord, and saviour JESUS CHRIST; I myself, as a laborer of our Lord, love Him with all my heart soul, and  mind. I bind myself to every word that proceedeth out of His month, and the doctorine He pass down to His Holy Apostles; I am Apostolic to the bone, from the crown of my head to the soul of my feet. Far it is written, our Lord said to the Jews, you judge after the flesh, but I judge after the heart. True, whether it be women, of man preaching the Gospel of our Lord, and saviour Jesus Christ, they should adorm themselfs in modest apparel. Bottom line, is this, they should not be wearing tight fitting clothing that shows their their private parts while in the pulpit, nor any other time. Far we are as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up a spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ, who is a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on Him shall not be confounded; 1st Peter, verse 9, but we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, supposably, a peculiar people; that we should show forth the praises of Him who called us, out of darkness into His marvellous light; He, God don't dwell in buildings made by men hands, but dwell in building made my His hand; He, God do not tell us to preach our own gospel, but His Gospel; He, God do not tell us to throw down on each other's apparel. Listen, when I dress, being Holy Ghost fill, the spirit that ponder my heart, and move and breath in me, will tell me, if it is decent, or not. My Father dresses me. I don't wear pants to the church, and no place else; But we must understand, if you are going to say anything about someone's clothing, or their hair, we should be prepared to take the person shopping, and by them an outfit, or two; And concerning the hair, I have seem men angels standing before me, with they long white robe, and their hair was on their shoulder, but the women angels I have seen, their hair was covered up as it is written in 1st Corin 11th chap. 6, 10, and 13; Remember, we must not be Lord over God's people, but our job is to preach His gospel, and make it plain; Not our gospel, causing God's hurting me to run from the church. Remember we was once a no man, but God have mercy upon us; He loved us so, He look beyond our faults, and found our needs, and brought us into His marvelous light, and gave us a change of heart, and a sound mind;; Come on my people; 

Far it is written, much is given, and much is required. We have to move flesh out the way, so God can have His way in His vessel, where His spirit dwell; Let God dress His people, He did it far me. Thank you far your time; Evang. L. ILonzo 




I like what you are saying concerning the modest apparel. Here at The House Of Prayer I beleive in the Apostles doctrine and I preach modest apparel. I invite you to visit our website (www.apostolichop.org). If you like what you hear contact me and let me know if we can work together in the ministry. I want to work in fellowship with God's ministers to share and spread his word throughout the world.

Pastor Nathan Lennon
Praise the Lord Pastor Lennon,

I saw a picture of you and your wife Cathy on your website - She's beautiful. You two beautiful saints in the Lord.
Have you heard of Bishop Johnson (he's dead now)? You sound like the ministers that came up under him.

But I listened to your sermon on 'women preachers' - Keep on keepin on, Pastor !!!!!

May you and Brother Wilson keep telling the truth where ever and when ever.
God called me into the ministry and it is my endeavor to preach the true word of God. Many people are being deceived and mislead read Matthew chi-pt. 24 vs.11 and 1 John chi-pt. 4 vs. 1

Yes I know of the late Bishop Johnson. My parents were in his ministry when he died I was the age of three. My parents then went with the late Apostle Bishop Goodwin who was also with Bishop Johnson. Bishop Goodwin died in 2000 but I was with him for 34 years

I would like for you to communicate with me through our church e-mail address (apostolichop@cableone.net). You have our sincere prayers

Pastor Nathan Lennon
I invite you to listen to sermon #15 (THE PRIDE OF LIFE) on our website www.apostolichop.org.
I am Apostolic...Now. But when I first came to Christ I really had no teaching on how to dress.Before coming to Christ I would walk in any buisness in a bikini and thought nothing of it.I was wild as a buck and I just didn't know.But,the Holy Ghost who leads and Guids us.The one who teaches us,began to nudge me.I felt conviction about the way I dressed.And I didn't know why.I began to feel awkward about my piercings so I removed the ones you could see.I still felt a sad feeling when I saw them in the mirror.The Tatoos?I remember those days well.And in time,God sent someone to share his full truth with me.So,When I see a Holy Ghost filled woman wearing a wide belt under her breasts,pushing them up and out and drawing attention,When I see a woman step down from the plat form and Godly men have to turn there heads and act like they are coughing,When I see these woman in skirts so tight.......I know God ain't no respecter of persons.What he did for me he does for everyone.They already know so it is no diffrent then the drinker,smoker,lier,cheater.It is sin they choose not to deal with.They are choosing not to hear the master.
I invite you to listen to sermon #15 (THE PRIDE OF LIFE) on our website www.apostolichop.org.
Thank you I will. I have already listened to some of your sermons last night and have to say I enjoyed them.So yes,I would be pleased to come listen.Take care.

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, The son of God; I am too, an Apostlic women of God to the bone; After recovering from colon cancer surgery three months after loosing my daughter to cancer, and nine months after loosing my mother to cancer, I pray that I would find a church where they, the people, the church take God serious.

I too, before I lost my family use to wear sexy clothes, although not as extream as wearing a bikini into business; No offense. But I wore spindex pants with haulter tops into business, and I had a very nice shape; That was over ten years ago; But now, today when I see women, and men coming in the saintuary with tight fitting clothing, who confess Jesus is Lord and Christ in their life, I don't get it. From my experience, I know far a fact, the Holy Ghost dress you. If I put on something that is not suitable to wear in the house of God, even pants, the Holy Ghost deal with me; Yes, the Holy Ghost directs you in all truths. So, if one says He, or she has the Holy Ghost of God in them, their hold atitude should be toward please God in everyway, and not dressing like the world, and going after their own ways, walking in the flesh. It is very important that we stop playing with God; I am not into telling anyone how they much dress, but if you are holy, be holy still; If you are saintified, be saintified still; If you are perfect, be perfect still; But, if you are worldly, unjust, be worldly, and unjust still; Amen; May God bless you with that; Evang. L. ILonzo 


I doubt that it is an issue of dressing to be alluring, but lately male fashion is out of control, too.


I see  and I think 



  I see  and I think .


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