Is it ever right for a Single Women to Approach a Pastor, or minister for a relationship?

So many have quoted that a "he who findeth a wife findeth a good thing and gains favor with God". So if your a Godly women and you know a Single Pastor who has made it know he was looking for a wife, How does she let him know she is interested in purseing a realtiaonship with him. Now I am not talking about sex, but talking about him being the  Priest for her home, the head of her household, her husband. Noami told Ruth to make herself visible to Boaz, and she prays and askes God for that man and has faith he will bring him to her if he is for her but the scripture also states Fatih with out works is dead!!!!! How does a women make herself visible today without telling the Pastor she is interested or without being inappropiate. Even tho the scripture state he is suppose to find her.

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I believe that we have for so long taken that passage out of context within the content. I, personally don't think that it is wrong for a woman to let it be known that she's interested in a man; even a Servant of God. How else are we to know? We pray and ask God to give us the mate that He has for us, yet we, ourselves, are not prepared for Him nor the mate He has is preparing for us.


A woman makes herself visible by being the woman that God has made her and carrying herself with dignity and respect. I could share some stories with you about the wrong ways to do it that will turn any man off from experience as a single Pastoral Servant and a male creation of God.


Most single pastors, ministers, servants, etc. are some of the most cautious beings on the planet because of the stigma put on us by those whose actions are less than honorable and by those of us who have allowed the accessibility to "free milk" destroy the integrity of the ministry; not to mention the public at large.


If you are interested, you need to tell him point blank. He has probably already been made aware of it and will not approach you under any circumstances because all eyes are on him. Don't be afraid to make the move if you feel that God has given you the okay; but be prepared to hear "no". Yet, on the other hand, don't be overly excited when he says, "I've had my eyes on you too"!


Handle your business, sistah!

"How can he find her if he doesn't know where to look"? It just like a farmer asking God for a great crop, yet refuses to till the ground for planting, or weed the crop after planting and God has given adequate rain and sunshine; or when the crop has ripened, he waits for it to harvest itself.


God does what he has purposed for us, yet we must get up from our prayer closets and seek.

thank you both for your advice, am still praying for direction from God. Grace Peace Lady 



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