Is it important for men and women to be compatible and to complement one another in their marriages and relationships?

What does it really mean to be compatible and to complement your partner in 2009? Are there some specific areas that you and your partner must be compatible in? What are those areas and why are they so important? Is being sexually compatible the only thing that most men worry about? Are women too concerned with financial compatibility? Beyond the compatibility we desire in male / female relationships, what about the need we feel to be compatible with people we have to deal with everyday? Why do we pressure ourselves, feeling we have to make every person with whom we come into contact like us? How do we overcome our need to be liked and to complement everyone we meet? Please post your opinion below!

If you are interested, we are going to discuss these issues, this weekend on my show on Sunday February 15, 2009 @ 8:00 p.m. E.S.T. Our National call in number for the show this Sunday will be (347) 215-9438. You don’t have to speak on this call. In fact, you may call in ten minutes early to just listen into the conversation. Please go to: to log into our chat room during the live show. Now what was your comment?

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