Since I became spiritually concern to write the book ..."THE WORLD WITHOUT END", I had to know about the deep Spiritual concern of YAHSHUA, and that made a lot of sense which wasn't be taught or spoken about in the churches and it's counter parts.

This other Spiritual Being of the MOST HIGH, which stands on the Side of YAHSHUA, is MELCHIZEDEK!

Even though The High Priest, MELCHIZEDEK is not mentioning much in the Old Covenant, only in Genesis 14:18-19.  But! In the New Covenant, the book of the Hebrews chapters 5; 6; 7; & even 8-9, there are much said about the High Priest MELCHIZEDEK, why?

MELCHIZEDEK came as the Main or Chief Spiritual figure of the MOST HIGH to protect or guard against the Precious Covenant of the MOST HIGH ... THE COVENANT OF SALVATION.

Yes! I believe strongly that the Spiritual Pathway of MELCHIZEDEK should be taught, because without HIM, there would not have been SALVATION.

For more information contact me, ", or my book ... THE WORLD WITHOUT END by Prince Yosef II, or my web-site ...


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