Well I guess when it comes down to it, just as Esau sold his birth right for a pottage, Obama, everyone's great hope forgot who gave him the victory and decide to sell his soul for another shot in the White House.

And before anyone jump up I have been an Obama supporter, but I can't agree with this move. Obama has just decided to put worldly prize above principle and above the things that is scared to God namely he has decided tojoin in the desecration to Gods oldest institution, the marriage.

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It would not be surprising to find churches sinking or flooding especially when we have people calling themselves ministers going around preaching we should accept homosexuality and gay marriages believe me at this rate there will be a lot more churches sinking or flooding because not every church who say Lord really mean it, the fact is they only say Lord as long as it does not conflict with there nice cosy lifestyle.

I never said that you or anyone else should be a homosexual?

I am and was saying still that it does not matter in the scope of things that whoever goes to civil authority and gets a piece of paper or a marriage license, which is very different from being ordained of God to be married to someone. If God ordained something then it is ordained of God. It does not matter what man thinks?

If marriage is a term meaning that God has ordained something a marriage between two people, then it really does not matter what civil authority does. If it is not ordained by God then it is not ordained by God which is what marriage should be. If man is calling it a marriage ok, but that does not change how God feels about the subject of marriage and the civil authority is not over God law or ways, unless we allow it. If we allow civil authority to be over what God has ordained then we are the ones at fault, not the gays or Buddhists or Muslims or whoever.

We praise with our lips all words are little prayers. I keep trying to say we should not be lifting gays up promoting what they do or believe. Who cares? What we should be doing is lifting up what God had intended for marriage, which is good and fine, but if we (here in this discussion at least) determine that marriage really is something of God and not man, then we each should be seeking God if we are to marry any given couple unless God shows us that we should if we are being led by the Spirit of God and not some goofy law.

l will try this again. A couple comes into your office, even a straight couple and they say they want to get married. What I am saying is that we should not perform the ceremony unless we are led by the Spirit of God to do so as it would be a sin if we performed marriages that are not ordained of God and has the sanctity of God. Does that make sense? I mean it is not a marriage unless God ordains it and we are not God and should not just perform marriage ceremonies for just anybody off the street and if we are then what is the difference between gay marriage and marriages we perform where God has not ordained the couple to be married?

Does that make sense?

We all state that "whatever God has ordained, let not man put asunder." Right? That means to me that God has a plan and that plan is for God to call the shots as to who is to marry whom and if we are performing marriages without knowing that God had ordained a particular couple to get married it is us that is destroying the sanctity of marriage, not gays.

Right this is the first clear explaination you have done now you ought to go back and scrapped all your other answer, this one actually make the grade and make sense.

That's it!!!

You got it, Dr. Carol, when no one else could or did!

Its God for sure, but ALL the rest of us, too, that's OFF of OUR MEDS collectively!!1

Thank you for enlightening us.

This has gotten silly, now.

My Sister:  God said Go Sin No More...and believe HIS word, the wages of sin is DEATH and you will not have everlasting life....INCLUDING ME.  He is no respector of persons.  That is why is said the Matt. 7:13-14...and those of us who chose to sin and live in sin without repentance.  Man says you are not perfect, but God say different.  But right now, I think that you are allowing the Words of God to quicken your flesh, thus you attack, because your flesh feels like it is being attacked by Words of God....GOOD...that is what is suppose to happen when the Word of God goes forth...it CUT as a two edge sword...so I understand the defensive stance on your part.  But, allow the Holy Spirit to do its PERFECT work, which is to cleanse from ALL unrighteousness.  BELIEVE God when HE says BE YE PERFECT....and upright.  BELEIVE God when HE says HE will cleanse you from ALL unrighteousness.  BELIEVE God when HE say take my yoke for it is EASY.  BELEIVE God when HE say if your right hand offend you cut it off....BELIEVE God when HE say DIE DAILY.....act like you are DEAD....when you are DEAD, you can't do NOTHING....act like you are DEAD when you sin...if you don't do it...IT IS NOT DONE....BELIEVE God...that is all.  Trust God, Believe God, and definitely OBEY God and ALL HIS promises you will endure....


In Love Sister Denise


Oh, by the way....I AM NOT PERFECT, but I am trusting God that HE will cleanse me from ALL unrighteousness...and I will spend eternity in HIS presence.

"Oh, by the way....I AM NOT PERFECT, but I am trusting God that HE will cleanse me from ALL unrighteousness...and I will spend eternity in HIS presence."

But until we have no sin is it right to condemn people who have sin? We actually bind people to sin when we condemn them, because we praise with our lips. If we give credibility to groups then we praise them.

Is it love to condemn?

If God does not condemn then do we have a right to condemn. Is it not that we are to be more like the Father knowing He forgives, then who are we to condemn others, ESPECIALLY if we are perfect or still have sin? Do you not understand by saying the wages of sin is death and by condemning others you condemn yourself?

One can only condemn if they are over the other and servants are not over. In fact the closer one gets to God the more of a goof one feels they are.

WE all are forgiven at the same rate we forgive. The only ones that Jesus ridiculed were the pharisees for being hypocrites, expecting others to live to a higher stand than they could live.

My Sister, I am not condemning....I am just saying what thus saith the Lord.  It is not I that chose these words for correction, it is God.  And the answer to your question is YES, that when saying the wages of sin is death I condemn myself....you bet, because God has no respector of persons and it is not I who said it.  God said IT, I believe IT and that settles IT for me.  Now, just because it convicts me...I cannot change it.  Just because it cuts me....I cannot change it.  But I can allow God to CHANGE me, according to His Word and promises.  I can allow God to cleanse me, but I must OBEY and be willing.  Now if I am not willing, it is on me and I have been warned...the wages of my sins are death....Who should I believe????  God, myself or man?  Trust God and He WILL do what HE SAY HE WILL DO.  Amen?


If we keep sugar coating what the word actually says, then we are not speaking truth.  We are not showing love, because love don't always feel good.  For God so loved the world He gave HIS only begotten to DIE...do you really think that felt good?  Or do you think our God don't feel?  Yes, God forgives us when we are truly  repentent and if we are truly repentant then yes, He is JUST.  But because we have this sugar coating going on, people don't truly repent, because they say, oh God will forgive you, He knows your heart etc....and that type of talk is sending people straight to HELL....sorry if it don't feel good.  It don't feel good when I read God words that say if you love me you will keep my commandments and if you don't you are of your father the devil....How plain can God be?  So yes, EVERYDAY...I humbly repent and ask God for forgiveness and turn away from anything that I know is contrary to His word and if I don't, I repent and make sure I don't do it again and God knows ALL.  Amen?


In love Sister Denise

What should you believe or not believe that is the question? Try this out?

Often times ministers tend to preach and teach things about subjects including subjects about gays and homosexual behavior and other subjects. So what is the real message? What is the truth about it all? How do it know? What do we teach and preach as the truth?

Here is the conclusion I have come to. Like Moses each of us needs to go up the mountain and spend time with God. That is the truth. What happens is we often get into debates about subjects, but what we should be all doing is encouraging and exhorting one another to go up the mountain and find out for themselves.

Honestly what is God's will for you or anyone to go around telling people what to believe or telling people to seek God for the truth about anything. Moses fell into the trap that many ministers fall into. The people said to Moses, you go up that mountain and when you come back we will do what you tell us to do. Today it happens over and over and over again when the truth is God wants us all individually to go up the mountain and spend time with Him and there He will reveal Himself and yes make corrections to "yourself" if needed, but that is between you and God and not for you or I or anyone to tell people what to do.

You may have beliefs and no doubt some beliefs do come from God, but the greater truth as a minster of the gospel is for each of us to teach and persist in each of us going up the mountain as individuals and spending time with God. Granted that does not sell a lot of books or get you to speak at most churches, but the real truth is regardless is to encourage and exhort people to go up the mountain and spend time with God for the truth on any given matter, including gays, or how about women wearing pants or jewelry or if women should be silent in church or if women should preach and teach even. 

If we teach outside of telling people what they should do is seek God for what God's plan is for them as individuals we then get further away from God's will for us as ministers. What happens is we become Gods and people start worshiping our church or the way we teach or preach. Ever wonder why pulpits are up above the congregation? The answer is scary. It is because with men and women they place us over them, but then the scary part happens where they blame us if the information we given them is in error. People have it in their hearts to find hero's in life. The problem is we are all crap! Me too. People love to idolize others. It is why so many books are written, but all that takes away from people being taught to seek God for the truth. We fall into it because we want to be a something, but then when we do that we place ourselves over people, because we want people to say nice things about is. "Oh isn't he or she blessed of God, look at the book they wrote or the church they built." Happens more time than not and what happens each time is because of our pride we fall into it and it makes us come up with opinions on what God's will is and that is where we start going backwards really quickly.

I have to admit it is fashionable to tell people one thing or the other and that is how tv shows are put together or web sites or books sold. "Today on xyz find God
's will for you!" Buy my book or go to my church because don't you know I have more of the truth than you have? Then men and or women start promoting us and we get more money and more prestige and nicer churches and better cars, finer cloths, etc, because don't you know we have to keep up appearances.......

How many people in the church have idolized Paul's letters? In fact many churches today teach clearly that the Bible is the Word of God and that all answers are contained in scripture, but then what did we just do by teaching that? We just put the Bible over the Word and the Word is Jesus. Then what happens is people come to us for advice on what to do and all of a sudden we are running their lives.

Granted God may have a message for you and your right God knows all things, but when we start making statements about this or that we start taking things out of God's hands and placing them into ours.

Just how I see it. Nothing more or less.

Again My Sister...I see your writings and your convictions.  But the TRUTH is you cannot spend time with God unless you spend it in His Word.  Now, some say it is the NKJV of the Bible...some say it is the Torah, some even say it is the Quaran...scholars say...it is the Hebrew translation..but my preference is the KJV...it don't matter, because for real...It all leads to the Almighty, just in a different format and who you will serve man or the creator.  I don't debate over RELIGION it is just a way of life for me and others. But OBEDIENCE I will debate on, because I like other...our flesh don't like chastising.  That mountain Moses had to climb, it was because he had to encounter God and that is when God wrote it down.  Now, that is where my faith comes in and surpasses my understanding.  That NO MAN CAN CHANGE GODs word.  And with that said....God said It, I believe It and that settles it for me.  There is no more climbing the mountain and encountering God...He wrote it down for BELIEVERs...You must first believe that He IS, He wrote and then and only then can you accept what the scriptures say without disemination.  I understand your agape love...and yes, God loves us all, but we ALL shall be punished for whatever we do contrary to His word.  Jesus came to show us the example....DO WHAT THE FATHER has commanded and you will be rewarded.  I don't like some of the things I read in scripture...it cuts too deep, but I know it is out of LOVE for me that I should not perish.  I send much love to you my sister and I pray for one accord also, because that is where we shall find God.


In Love Sister Denise


I think your question is sincere and you seen to view the word of God on this and other/all sin as a chance to spread the love and forgiveness of Christ, as most Christians would also. 

Normally, this could be done thru the saints showing them the long suffering of God not wanting anyone to perish in hell, waiting to save all/every sinner, . . the homosexual, the liar, the adulterer, the murderer, REDEMPTION FROM THEIR SINS  thru the blood atonement of Christ.  Then the Holy Spirit is also waiting to complete the transformation and SPIRITUAL DELIVERANCE from  homosexuality, pornography, fornication, bestiality, addiction and all 'flesh-binding' or carnal demons/spirits thru his power.  This is how it works normally thru God.

HOWEVER, I think you missed the entire discourse of dialog between the Gay comm. and the Body of Christ, or you're only hearing one side as an issue of condemnation upon them.  Gays are saying today GOD MADE THEM THIS WAY, LOVING THEM WITHOUT THEIR NEED TO HEED THE CALL TO REPENTANCE/DELIVERANCE. 

God is telling them, as they believe, he doesn't see anything wrong with their sexual sin anymore.   This is from the same God who said,  'I Change Not' (Mal, 3:6), and who 1ST DEEMED homosexuality PERVERSE in his eyes AND WORTHY OF DEATH IN (Leviticus 20:13.0)  Now either the scripture is a total fraud, and/or God himself is a liar, a deceiver or totally off his medication.  God made a way of escape thru confession of sin and repentance.  Further showing all sinners in the New Testament his love and forgiveness in  Romans 6:23, . 'the wages of all sin is STILL DEATH, BUT THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE'.

Some gays are determined to tell us,  and even God himself, how he preached hate and condemnation. Presuming to take HIM to task as to what he really meant about sodomy, . . culturally, spiritually, technically and oh, . .in context to the 21st century's enlightenment.  Correction must come before reconciliation, and repentance before one obtains right standing with God.

Either one of you work in the gay community?

Does that matter?


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