Many churches with Black pators are opening their doors to Lewis Farrakahn who claims that he is a christian, and muslim.
What are your thoughts on this and also some of the teachings of the NOI that are not in line with scripture.

Have many pastors become so black centric that they have left the true foundation that Jesus IS THe ONLY WAY .

A packed house welcomed Minister Louis Farrakhan to St. Sabina Catholic Church on Friday night with a standing ovation and cheers for his health.

The 74-year-old provocative Nation of Islam leader, who has endured a series of health setbacks, didn’t speak from the Quran but from the Bible.

“Even though I am a Muslim — I don’t apologize for that — I’m also a Christian,” he told the crowd at 1210 W. 78th Pl. “Islam considers the Bible a sacred book.”

“A good Muslim is a Christian, and a good Christian is a Muslim,” he added later, stressing the common aspects of the faiths. “Whenever Christ’s name is mentioned, I feel at home.”

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Sir, you said all that to say what?
AS I HAVE STATED BEFORE I am not ignorant to the Islam (I have studied other religions and I even own a Quran) so all you just said here was basically a waste of time.
What do you people want to prove here?
That you know more lol?!
I mean come on.
That's how these topics get off track. Somebody wants to be shut everybody down because they know more.
My goodness.
I been in the church, of the church and around the church long enough to have learned something and all you just said I already know so you don't have to prove your wealth of knowledge to me.
You and everyone else completely paid no attention to the basis of what I was saying- at all.
So, what is the point really?
??? No Brother Les,

I think all of us are making the point that we should keep farrakhan and any other unsaved imposter (crooked preachers as well) out of our puplits! I think the other point is that you should not contaminate yourself with the likes of these good can come from it. The most important point is this: even though you may have some legitimate issues with the Church (its not perfect) comparing it to others is a mistake that too many in the past have made. its because we love you that we take the time out to exhaust this issue with you...none of us wants to see you become vunerable to the enemies devices.


Pastor Hodge
amen to pastor Hodge. your remarks are not a waste of time they are timely and needed for this discussion. thanks for your insight
Thank you Brother Bass.
Sir, what you fail to understand is that I have studied other religions (not dealt in them or placed them as first in my life- I was born into the church body and raised in the church so I am not a amateur in this) but I have studied them and there is NO GOD like the TRUE and living God that I serve. I wouldn't bring that curse on my life after experiencing God as I have to leave Him and go serve a dead man, a tree or a statue. As long as I am in my right mind I will continue to give God His due worship.
Next, you all did not tak into consideration the overall message I was saying. The church is so busy throwing stones that they can't see the damage they are doing to God's name.
While we are busy tearing down Islam and Farrakhan what difference is them and us when we are doing the same hateful and hatemongering things they do?
Jesus preached MORE against the church folk of that day- and to the sinner he gave love and showed them a better way.
When Paul preached to the sinners He preached Jesus and Him crucified however when Paul preached to the church what was the message?
What happened to SHOWING the love AND work of Christ instead of all the talk?
We have alot of people claiming to have it but not showing it.
Jesus cursed the tree that "looked" like it had something and did not.
The church needs to be more concerned with the church and stop trying to tear dowon other people and religions.
If WE the church did as WE have been told to do there would be no need to tear down Farrakhan or Islam because people would be tearing our doors off the hinges trying to get in to get what we have.
You can't feed people with one hand and stone them with the other.
The Bible has been taught and preached wrong for MANY years and it is time for us (or well I know I am) to teach and preach the Word the way Jesus intended it.
We have this thing backwards.
the purpose of this post was:
1 there are many preachers who allow farrakhan to come to their pulpits and preach. he always states that he doesn't believe that Jesus is the messiah, just a prophet in a long line of prophets.

2. farrakhan states he is a christian , and yet a muslim.

3 there are many who are falling into a trap believing you can be both.

in order for those who feel fear in confronting the doctrine of farrakhan they must first know what he teaches.
uncovering what the NOI teach is in no way bashing farrakhan or the NOI.

now who is bashing people over the head with a stone with one hand and feeding them with the other?

if i tell you that someone has laid a trap for you and explained when what and where about that trap have i bashed that person, or have i uncovered the motive of that person.

Jesus addressed the issues of his day, just as Paul the apostle did.
Should men of God today not do the same.
The NOI is trying to make an inroad into the black congregations across america.
Just as Paul warned the church we also must warn the church today.

Now I am also a very loving person,. but when it comes down to the truth I will speak it in love but with no compromise.

I have seen many in the NOI some to Jesus, and I didn't sugar coat anything that I said to them.

Of course there are problems within the life of believers, and in some churches, but the call to holiness, love , and sound doctrine must never be compromised.

this is what a forum of this nature is for to correspond back and forth to agree , and disagree.
You say we should show the love of Christ instead of all the talk.
thats what this forum and others like it is for.
you talk about all the talk but I see you have a lot to say on many different topics.

So why all the talk from you. You ask us to accept you and not try to act superior because of a title. Are you willing to show the same consideration to others.

A pastor who came out of the nation of islam has given timely insight on this topic, but it amazes me that you still decide to confront him as if he doesn't know what he is talking about.

You stated you have studied other religions and even have a koran. Having a koran and skimming through its pages doesn't mean you have studied it. Reading about something and actually living it is two different things.

i await your reply
Amen indeed!
AGAIN, I will NOT defend my postings. If you want that then check out my posting, "Church Folk and their Double Standard" and leave me a message there and I'll be sure to get back with you.
Next, yes I own a Koran and I also have STUDIED Islam just like I studied Christianity.
Or do you not believe me because I don't have 15 degrees listed on my page?
I find it also disrespectful and odd of you to say, "Reading about something and actually living it is two different things" however the disrespectful part is when you said, "Having a Koran and skimming through its pages doesn'r mean you have studied it."
Wow, really?
You really disrespected me with that one but you know what?
I'll let that go.
Lastly, all church folk are the same when it comes to the "speak in love with no compromise" doctrine.
They only "speak in love with no compromise" when it comes to something that they hate, dislike and/or don't want to deal with.
You all AGAIN missed the whole point of what I was saying but one day someone who is full of the true spirit of God will see what I am saying and realize that although our methods are different my way is biblical and works better.
Better than what? pardon me Bro. Lester, but you ask an awfull lot an give little in return! you assume that your lack of "15 degrees" is the source of ridicule; You gravitate toward the idea of "disrespect" when assumptions are made toward your "study of islam" is marginalized yet you have no problem at all marginalizing "church folk" to wit you claim to be having a "double standard??? You use strong words like "Hate" when it does not line up with your way of thinking? and I am not sure of the last paragraph; are you supposing that an alliance with the NOI is some how edifying to the Church? are you subscribing to the idea that Farrakhan is a Christian and a Muslim? and I hope you are not asserting that having a Quaran makes you an expert on NOI? I don't even think that they believe the Quaran (else they would follow it and get I did) Is it your belief that only the people filled with the Holy Spirit will see things your way?

Dear Sir, I did not know that you did not have college degrees (as you put it) I do not have hatred in my heart toward you or the NOI; and I certainly did not know that you were a spokesman for the NOI. I do know that as a member for 13 years; there are alot of things that you think you might be able to find out by reading the Quaran, but when you compare the two the differences are imeasurable. That not withstanding; Unless you are a spokesman for the NOI; I fail to see what is making you argue so passionate about the NOI? When I was a member I did not go around calling myself a Christian, I preached against Christianity! When I was a muslim I did not go around telling people that the Bible was sacred; I told people that the book was tainted by Geopolitical influences, the changing of languages and the influencesof pagens in the midst of the early developmental stages of the Church; I was 9 years old, do you think I invented that myself? I was taught that! When I was witnessing in the parks of Chicago do you think I told people that muslims and christians were just a like? no heck no! I told little boys and girls and their parents that Allah was God and that he needed no help, it was not his will take unto him a son! does that sound Christain to you! I used listen to Farrakhans records as a little boy, mi daddy was a minister in the NOI! there is nothing that you can say to convince any reasonable human being that the NOI are Christians that argument makes no sence at all! and you should be ashamed of yourself for even making it! in fact its stupid! now, people on this forum are trying to help you not make the same stupid mistake that so many others have made! and you are busy "being disrespected" look! I was born in the Nation "the first book I learned to read was the quaran, the second was "message to the Black Man" the third was "How to eat to live" when I was 6 years old my father took me with him to sell the Muhammed Speaks' you can't study what others have lived and have a foundation to build an argument! when I was twelve I had a choice - Muhammed or Christ: I chose Christ! You have a choice: Farrakhan or Christ? you can't have both! there diometrically apposed to each other!!!! Now, you remind me alot of myself; I felt self consience about not having a can change that; if it takes one class at a time; you can get all the dregrees you want; when my family was homeless; I was forced out of school; that set me on a course of life that did not allow me to get a HD much less a degree...however; I "enrolled" and got my GED now I am just a few classes from getting my B.Theo; and in two years my takes time; but if that's what you long for; it can be done; but most of all, stay away from Farrakhan, NOI, Islam, Budha and all the rest...Lol!

Peace and Love,

Pastor Hodge
Sir, I am not concerned with having pieces of paper to prove my worth. Having Jesus in my life and allowing God to get glory out of my life is what MY life is about. If you choose to do that then let that be what YOU do and don't put that burden on me. I am very content and happy even joyful about where I am- especially knowing where I come from. These assumptions you make of me are laughable but seeing who you are its not hard to believe.
Next, I am not "in love" with the NOI nor do I promote them. I do however have state that their social responsibilities is what Jesus has told the CHURCH to do and they are not being done on a grand scale as they should be. I have a right to speak and I will continue to do so- seeing that I am not concerned with church politics.
What I do want you to do is post to me where I stated that Farrakhan was Christian.
I also want you to post to me where I stated that I agreed with Farrkhan when he stated he was a Muslim AND Christian.
I also want you to post to me where I stated I wanted to be a Muslim or thinking of becoming a Muslim.
I also want you to post to me where I stated I agreed with Islam and its religion, and beliefs.
I await these posts that you say I've made AND if you can't find these I'll be ready to forgive you when you offer your apology.
However, yes I am saying that only people who are unbiased in their thinking and filled with the spirit of love and the Spirit of God would understand the message I was truly saying.
I don't long to be successful by the world's standards that's why some of the churches are broken and full of mess as they are now.
My prayer is that I don't make God's name ashamed, that I live my life as pleasing to God as I can and that I do what God's will is for my life and that has nothing to do with the world and its standard for success.
Lastly, I give what I get. You want respect then you give respect- plain and simple. If you weren't so biased and prideful then maybe you'd be able to see what I was saying overall INSTEAD of just jumping on one thing and beating it to death.
that is truly amazing, no disrespect intended. i stand by what I have posted also.
i have seen many who made the same statement 'I have a koran" and i repeat skimming through its pages , and living the life of a muslim is two different things.

you seem to have a problem when people disagree with you as vehemently as you disagree with them.

you speak of a double standard.......have you set the standard on these matters, and is your standard the best standard for us all.
no one has even mentioned you having degrees you brought that up, and titles also were mentioned by you.

like i said before.......i have heard you say that you were delivered from homosexuality,
now how can i take the persons opinion about a homosexual lifestyle that has never lived it or been delivered from it over yours.

likewise there are those who have been delivered from the noi i would think that their experience goes beyond what you or I think because they have lived it.

now many have seen homosexuals saved and delivered, and also people in the NOI have come to the what makes your way biblical and better
how many have you seen saved and delivered as a result of your personal ministry with them?

You sound like a young man that loves God but you forget that there are others who love him just like you do , and by the way I DO HAVE THE TRUE SPIRIT OF GOD.

just because we disagree in areas does it mean that we have not the Holy Ghost and you do.

i repeat that i also stand by what I have written , and no disrespect intended .
now if I have offended you believe me as a man of God and your brother in Christ I TRULY APOLOGIZE.

remember this though the same compassion you expect from others and the same respect you want shown to you is the same respect you should give to others even if you disagree with them.


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