Is there a differance in charging to get in at a club, charging a fee to get in the church doors?

What has become of God's synagogue, His house. Who are the door keepers vs the door watchers.  Has an angel of God ever walked through unnoticed and was charged.  Better yet, just as God visited Abraham, has He visited your church and had to pay to come in the door.  What did He get in exchange for His money.  How did His house become a club for party goers?  A den of thieves and robbers.  Where is His house of prayer?  Where is the refuge place?  How much of what is done in the church is of man, making God's word of non-effect?

How many new inventive ways must the church building incorporate in order to keep it's doors open.  We have become independent and and divided.  Being desperate to keep all as it was, how far will you go.  Time to join forces.
     A house divided can not stand.  What would happen to the doors of the church if there were no money circulating.  What would become of the leaders.  The preacher sowing spiritual things should be able to eat of their carnal things.  Living by the gospel should eat of the gospel.  What is the limit?  How far will the church which is in you prostitute itself before it realize that the walls are an assemble of believers coming together to worship their God, in Christ Jesus.  How far has your church become the world.  What will happen to the doors of the church in this end-time.  Many are sharing space, because they simply can not afford to keep the doors open due to such an economical distress. 
    Many churches are combing services, location and various hours to sustain.  Working toward one common gold.  Even the world, which the bible says is smarter than the believers, are yoking together to stay ahead and or maintain their practices. 

     God esstablished a plan before the foundations of the earth of love one another, pray for on another.  Help on another.  Build together for one common gold.  Souls, saved, delivered, set free.  Feeding God's sheep with wisdom and knowledge.  The time has come that we must join hands and work together.  In order to have the resources necessary to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoners, those sick in the hospital and the list goes on.  If we remain divided, we will fall.  God is not mocked.  Come outside the walls and join hands giving God back His House.  That He will provide for His own house, as He did with Peter and the money in the fishes mouth.

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Some excellent observations!

A comment: Not even Jesus thought very highly of at least one example of the Temple financial structure (Matthew 17:24-27), and tithing, of course, was never part of the Temple, Synagogue or Levitical financial support system.

A second thought: There are a number of religious assemblies (churches, ministries, etc.) that need to be closed and abandoned, due to their false teaching and the bondage that the saints of God have been placed in.. Just because the Spirit visits a group, in response to the faith of a few true believers, does not mean that that entire assembly is 'approved' of God.
"Just because the Spirit visits a group, in response to the faith of a few true believers, does not mean that that entire assembly is 'approved' of God."

YES!!! This statement is so true!


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