I say no! All sin seperates us from a loving God. It was out of His love for us that he died on a cross and crucified all sin paying it's debt. Homosexuals are not hated by God and they are not hated by me. The sin they are in is no different than the sin that I struggle with day to day. Be careful about hate, it will eat you from the inside out. Love people, all people the way Christ loves you and me.

Sin is always death. The sin of homosexuals comes with horrible consequences. So does the sin of drunkeness and idolitry and so the list goes on and on. Jesus is the solution and the salvation for all men and for all sin. Thius may not be popular, but standing for Christ and resting in His word has never been the most popular thing to do. Love your neigbor is not a choice. Hate the sin love the sinner is what I have been told.

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Jesus said - I AM - He is the I Am of I Am of the Torah - I beleive the Father and the Son are one - My theology - Jesus' Theology = Truth based on God's word - it seems to be a symantical deliemma, but your words seperate those who are and those who are not - you seem to imply that the Law is not important to "US" whoever that is - all I know is that legalism and hate abounds among Judizers - Wars have been fought and lives taken over such foolishness - But you have the right to believe what you wish, but do not think for a minute that I or thousands of other will ever return to the burden of the yoke of legalism and self righteousness.
True it is literally not found in scripture, however you have to ask where Ghandi receive such an idea for a quote from? He himself studied the life and ways of JESUS, and though CHRIST may never had said it, HE sure enough did practice it! By challenging such, you actually are saying "why do I have to love the sinner?"
The fact of sin is that it always results in death - actions that are sinful are by nature related to destruction, death dying dieseae and etc... People who justify sin are usually dead in their sin, they are not Born Agian and thus cannot see the damage and death of sin. They blame it on others and deny God's proven path to wholeness and restoration. It is a shame, but we all suffer as the result of sin, thanks be to God that Jesus has made a way to live to be made new. Sin is sin it all ends the same way death. God's way toescape death is through Christ, not torah not church not preaching and not wearing certain garmets. The Aspotle paul found hope in Christ and became dead to sin that sin would no longer reign in him, but Christ. It is no wonder that so many hate the church when we ourselves act as if we have it all together and do not struggle as the man in Romans 7. If a man knows grace he will live in grace and love people, but hate the affects that sin leaves. Jesus said I give you this one commandment that you love one another and that you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Oh yea I almost forgot, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and have no other God before you. Peace
Funny, you've made it a hobby of twisting my words. LOL
1 John 1:10 - If a man says he has no sin, he is a liar and the truth is not in him. Sins of the mind are also sins are they not - pride is a sin.
more like a misunderstanding of scripture -
The language of the NT is , as you know greek (konia or common greek) the english does not always do justice to the meaning of the greek word in the tense in which it was written. The tense of te veb sin is in the perfect tense - which means and action in continuation or continuous action another way to say would be "he who continue in a constant action or lifestyle of sin" Interpretation A man who makes sin a way of life in and by his continuous actions (Characterized by sin)
1 John 1:8-10
8 If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives.
it is the condition of man to which he speaks. man is sinful by nature - Christ changes man's nature at redemption, bu the struggle remains because we remain in a sinful world. The question he is addressing is gnosticism - man does not or cannot realize perfectionn in an altered state of consciousness, his only hope is christ forgivness. The Gnostics taught that enlightenment was the key to seperation from sin nature, Jesus taught that His death and payment for sin is the only way out. Confession of our sin is the first step of redemption if you want to look at it as steps. To say that we have no sin is to call God a liar
Sin is Sin and it IS of the devil. We all have sinned and some still do. Because of the death, burial and resurrection we can be forgiven for sins, but not so we can REPEAT them. REPE-N-T sincerely and be delivered or REPE-A-T. It boils down to how sincere WE are in ourrelationship with YHWH! YHWH loves us which is WHY he sent his Son. Do we love him enough to strive for perfection? To keep his commandments? To love ?
As long as we live on this earth in these earthly bodies we will NEVER be perfect- contrary to popular belief. This is why so many people are turned away from God and the church because we have some who choose to believe they are perfect in this walk and to be honest those are usually the ones who are full of the most sin. These "perfected" ones are the ones who are "saved and most holy" on Sunday and a mess Monday to Saturday. Living a life of Christ is a daily walk. Daily crucifying the flesh. Daily crucifying those things that are not like Him. You don't get "saved" on Sunday and think you are going to be right nor perfect come Monday at 6am. That is ridiculous and utterly foolish. When you come into the knowledge of Christ you are just as a newborn baby. You know nothing. You are taught and given the "milk" of the Word but as you grow you are slowly given the "meat" of the Word. As a baby when you first begin to walk you may fall. You may trip. You may bump your head. You may get bruised. But does a baby stop trying to walk? No, they feel the pain, cry a bit and get right back up and go at it again until finally one day they put one step in fro tof the other and the next thing you know they are running around the house.
This "gospel of perfection" that is being taught is not scriptural and is causing God's Word seem empty and unreachable.
you are exactly right - those that claim they are righteous by their own works are not of Christ - they do not even claim Christ as Lord but as a common man like them - You are right brother we are all sinners saved by grace learning to walk in grace and headed to a heaven provided by grace - amazing grace


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