I invited a guest minister who actually begged me to invite him to be a blessing in the Word to the church I Pastored. He stay for 3 days. We really took care of him. And we went a long way to blessing him financially but to my utmost surprise he gave me a shocker.

He said, 'Man of God please increased the honorarium with 10 dollars more'. What we gave was really really big. Please counsel. Is this right?

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Pastor Godwin,

No Pastor, this doesn't seem right no matter how you look at it.

I would have to ask this man you invited to preach the Word, "who is your Provider? " Are your intentions such as to get out the Word of God? or to get your satisfaction in the amount of money and provisions you can muster up?"

I'm sorry this happened and I think it's a disgrace and shame because others will think that most ministers indulge in this ungodly practice. What happened to the advice that John the Baptist gave when he told us to be content with our wages?

The man surely lacks understanding and wisdom.

Brother Louis
Thanks, Bro. Louis. I have had ugly experiences in this area. Their common words are, 'where a man works, from there he will get is living' or 'A man makes is living from where he works'

In such situation what should one do without breaking the bonds of love?

Pastor Godwin
Pastor Olori Godwin,

In this situation, without breaking the bonds of love, I would say something like this: "My brother, I'm sorry I'm unable to bless you more, but I can only bless you as the Lord has blessed me, which I have done. May all of your needs be met by God through your continuing ministry to others."

If this is not understood by the brother, then as I said before, he must ask God for wisdom and trust God alone to provide all of his needs.


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