But is such a concept Jewish? Is it not some Gentile or pagan concept that has somehow crept into our Holy Scriptures as some extreme liberalists would like to tell us?  No, this was and still is a Jewish  conception of God creating  and dealing with His creation and His people  Israel in a triune way. This quotation bears it out: Exodus 19 starts with the words, "In the third month." This is explained by the  words of Proverbs 22:20, "Have I not written to thee excellent (Hebrew, threefold) things in counsels and  knowledge." On this Rabbi Joshua bar Nehemiah said that this is the Torah whose letters are threefold, alf, bet, g(i)ml, and everything is a Trinity: The Torah is trinitarian, for it is composed of the Torah, the  Prophets, and the Writings. The Mishna (talmudical learning) is a trinity composed of talmud (learning) halakhot (daily Jewish laws) and haggadot (historical items). The mediator consisted of a trinity of  Miriam, Moses, & Aaron. Prayers are a trinity of morning, afternoon, and evening prayers. Israel is a  trinity consisting of priests, Levites and Israelites. The name Moses in  Hebrew consists of three letters.  He is of  the tribe of Levi, which again is in the   Hebrew three letters. from the seed of the Patriarchs who  are a trinity of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; in the third month which is Sivan, after Nisan & Iyar on  mount Sin whose letters are three as it is written. "And they rested in the wilderness of Sin.".(Midrash Tanhuma on Exodus 19)

   If, according to our rabbis', God has made everything and arranged everything in a trinitarian way. then it must also be Jewish and biblical to know that God, Himself is a Trinity. This He is and has manifested Himself as the Savior, Messiah, and Son of God in the person of the Lord Jesus, the Messiah.  He then sent down the Holy Spirit, the Ruakh Hakodesh, on the Disciples in the third month, of the Feast  of Shavuoth, the feast of perfection, celebrated after counting seven times seven.

By Rachmiel Frydland

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Excellent stuff!
I thought numerology was the same as witchcraft?

No its not. Witchcraft is nothing more than the thievery and perversion of GOD's prophetic tools.
Mr. Frydland's observation is not numerology. He is not proposing that there are rigid number codes, or that every reference to "three" in scripture is a signpost to the trinity. He is only showing how the Jews conceptualized their religion using tripartite forms and constructions.


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