"Is Your Ministry A Mogul Production? ... Building a 21st Century Ministry Through Advance Technology!"

On "Empower Me Now”,  DrFaye presents... "Is Your Ministry A Mogul Production? ... Building a 21st Century Ministry Through Advance Technology!"


Join DrFaye and her Guest Co-Host, Faith-Based Marketing Guru, Veronica B. as they share options available to brand, build and blaze your ministry. Receive nuggets you can use right away. 

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What is a 'Faith-Based Marketing Guru'?
The best answer to this will be on "Empower Me Now" this Friday night with DrFaye.. if you miss the show..you can still listen just log in.. visit www.drfaye.com and click on events.
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This nugget will greatly benefit any ministry.... http://www.sitesell.com/Focused_On_You.html
Does all of the gospel Mogulling and Ministry advancement lead up to the salvation of others through Jesus or just the furtherance of someone's self promotion campaign. Just asking because I see so many blogs and forums about increasing membership as if Salvation is the new Country Club. Are these new members saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost or are they just there to occupy seats and fill the offering baskets?

God is calling for accountability in this last day on how we portray ourSELVES and lead others. Are we leading people to Christ or to OUR MINISTRIES. Are our ministries orchestrated by Christ or built from the ground up by man? Now if this forum is about using technology to minister the gospel effectively, I'm all for it, but if it is just another personal imaging and self promotion initiative, we should rethink our missions and purpose.

Kingdom building SHOULD ONLY BE ABOUT CHRIST and not money and head count. Too much today is about status and not about Our Lord.

Be Blessed
My Dear,
Are you disagreeing with the fact that I'm saying too much focus goes to Ministry and not enough on actual Salvation? How many people are getting saved as a result of these many, many, many meetings of the mind where the work of Christ is hardly EVER MENTIONED.


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