As I look through this and various other networks to which I belong, I see a common problem with the online presence of many ministers distracting me from connecting further with them; I also see some ministers to whom I am attracted because of their online presence. 

The great pity about this is that some of the ones I don't get involved with are great people, friendly, kind, great ministers with great revelation plus humble and generous hearts, the kind of people you want in your life. What is the problem? 

You see you only get 8 seconds to make an first impression and unlike in the movies you can never go back and retake that scene. The first impression you have made on someone will always be the first impression they have of you; and even more damaging is the fact that most people make decisions and take actions immediately on that first impression. 

You had one chance to get engagement with someone, you don't know how important that may have been, because you blew it by not having a clear image of yourself (both pictorial and written) to engage a viewer. 

Think about your presence on this network, think about your presence on other social media (ie facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Africa Network BFTF and others etc), what does your page say about you?  

I have made some great connections physically with people in many countries, I visited them, engaged with them, helped them, spoke for them, invited them to speak for us etc; all because they had a great online presence and now some of these are my great and dear friends, and I met them first through their great online presence on social media. 

I am quite sick of good people wasting great opportunities and have decided to do something about it. 

In March 2018 we have launched a free training program to build up ministers reputation and online presence with 10 minutes a day training (because we know you are busy anyway). Pulpit Rock Training is now training leaders to do the simple things well, the things that make huge differences. 

There is no cost, no charge, no fees. It is totally free. So there is no excuse for you not to take charge of your online ministry reputation. The early bird catches the worm. The people who make quick decisions and take quick action are the ones that make a difference in their life and that of others too. 
I know you want to help others, that's why you are in the ministry isn't it? 

So here is your chance to lift your reputation to new levels, start with registering for Pulpit Rock Training. Here's the catch, you knew there would be a catch didn't you - there's always a catch. It is not on this network, you must be a member of Africa Network BFTF which is only for those in some form of ministry with an interest in the gospel in Africa. (You don't have to live there, you don't have to go there, but you must have an interest there). Through Africa Network BFTF you can network for kingdom advancement with those with similar interests, join national unity groups for many African nations, sell/give or recommend books, music, training etc, promote your missions, crusades, concerts, special services, events etc and invite your friends, we will even show you step by simple step how to do it to the best advantage in Pulpit Rock Training.

Have you read enough and are ready to take action now? So now there is just one thing to do, Register for Pulpit Rock Training after becoming a free member of Africa Network BFTF here.  

The one who takes action is the one who makes a difference. 

Want more information on this platform?

See my discussion for more details here.

I am looking forward to seeing you there. 

If you have any difficulty in registering you can either  leave a message for me below or contact me through any of my other means listed on my page. 

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